Anaya's club sacrifices Zepeda

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Anaya's club sacrifices Zepeda
Marko Cortés is set to become the PAN's national leader – Photo: Alejandra Leyva/EL UNIVERSAL
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Anaya's club sacrifices Zepeda

Apparently, Marko Cortés, PAN, had to betray his ally. We're told that the PAN's elite has reached an agreement, and to protect the party, they opted for a united candidacy where Marko Cortés will compete for the party's presidency, Héctor Larios for the General Secretariat, and Rafael Moreno Valle will coordinate the Senators once Marko Cortés is designated as the PAN's leader, and displaces Damián Zepeda from that position. So, Cortés, who belong to the same group as Zepeda, Anaya's club, will have to sacrifice one of his allies to get to the PAN's national leadership. This is nothing new in the PAN. We're told that the official announcement is expected to be made between Sunday or Monday.

The PVEM will play in the major leagues

Morena's bench in Congress, coordinated by Mario Delgado, reached 256 members, which strengthened their overwhelming majority in San Lázaro. But the ones who aren't well and are in a bad mood are the members of the PT, as they gave up 4 legislators out of 31, and they now only have 27 left, becoming the 6th force after previously being on the 3rd position, even more powerful than the PRI. The ones that reached the bottom were the members of the PVEM, who had 16 deputies and now only have 11, after giving up 5 to Morena, completing the absolute majority. Nevertheless, or so it seems, they lost and gained something at the same time, as they have Morena's gratitude, which turns them into a member of the elite, as they now will play in the major leagues.

Manuel Velasco's emergency

We're told that the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will meet with Governors from Chiapas, Tabasco, Quintana Roo, Campeche, and Yucatán soon, to talk about the construction of the Mayan Train. We're told that the President-elect will meet the Governors in Palenque, Chiapas, where the project is rumored to start. Maybe this is the reason why Manuel Velasco, who was Senator for one day, had the urgency to be given a leave of absence in the Senate and return to being a Governor. They point out that it's always good to be close to the President-elect, just in case. Besides, Mr, Manuel will arrive at the meeting as AMLO's ally, thanks to his fellow PVEM members, Morena now has the absolute majority.

Morena's presumption of innocence

Almost a week after Morena was exonerated, the members of The Supreme Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of Justice are still considering their decision not to fine AMLO's party because of the management of a trust fund “Por los Demás”, an organization to aid the survivors of the September 2017 earthquake. We're told the magistrates defend having adopted a rights-based regime a few years ago, and that the tribunal protected the right to presumption of innocence. What is their argument? We're told that the magistrates considered that the due process was infringed when the members of the trust fund committee weren't allowed to defend themselves. The decision, we're reminded, was unanimous after a deep investigation of the allegations.