Retiring before AMLO takes office

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Retiring before AMLO takes office
Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Photo: Alejandra Leyva/EL UNIVERSAL
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Retiring before AMLO takes office

Before the pay cuts imposed by the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, some ambassadors have decided to retire and enjoy the privileges of it, which are better with their current salary. In the case of the now former ambassador in Norway, Jorge Castro-Valle, who retired, and the Mexican ambassador in Peru, Ernesto Campos, who said goodbye to diplomacy after two decades. Some other diplomats are starting to retire as well.

A Christmas gift for López Obrador

We've been told that at the President-elect's transition home, a Christmas gift arrived early. A baseball signed by Ramón “El abulón” Hernández, who played for Los Diablos Rojos de México (Mexico's Red Devils) and who also was a pioneer in the fight against team owners exploitation. The gift was delivered by one of the player's nephew so that the President-elect gives it to his youngest son. The gift must be very significant, from one leader to another.

Colosio vs. the super-delegates

During the 4th MC's Local Deputies National Assembly, which was carried out in Monterrey, Nuevo León, the national coordinator was elected, deputy Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas. Who immediately set the tone in regards to what he will fight, and he also said that it's the time to defend the sovereignty of the states more than ever and support the municipalities all over the country. Andrés Manuel López Obrador's super-delegates have even made local legislators uncomfortable.

A Nicaraguan is chased...by cameras

The one in charge of businesses in the Nicaraguan embassy in Mexico, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Madrigal, was invited to a celebration at a rehab center in Ecatepec. The issue was that those who invited the press, did so under the argument that the Nicaraguan official would offer a conference on migration...when he decided to leave the event, Gutiérrez Madrigal was chased by the press who asked him if he was the ambassador and he said “No, I'm part of this center” and left running.


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