Rebelling against AMLO's austerity

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Rebelling against AMLO's austerity
Andrés Manuel López Obrador – Photo: Taken from his Facebook account
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Rebelling against AMLO's austerity

A rebellion of public servants to legally counter the 2019 pay cuts has begun, as the Remunerations Law is about to take effect. The legal strategy, we've been told, will be used by autonomous organisms and the Judicial branch, where they exchange information to fight for their rights. On the contrary, we will have to be alert to learn about the Electoral Tribunal's decision, which has three trials initiated by unhappy public servants. The public servants are Querétaro's Electoral Tribunal Magistrates, Martín Silva, Gabriela Nieto Castillo, and Sergio Guerrero, who contested Querétaro's Remunerations Tab, which was adjusted so that no public servant earns over MXN $108,000 in 2019, which would imply an MXN $30,000 cut for the three magistrates.

Moreno Valle wins but...

We've been told that tomorrow, Marko Cortés, the PAN president, will announce that the Senators' coordinator will be the former Puebla Governor, Rafael Moreno Valle. We've been told that Mr. Rafael will have to work hard to win the support of many Senators, who have seen his arrival as part of an agreement that allowed Cortés to win the party's presidency, a position Moreno Valle also wanted, but he cleared the way for Marko. If Moreno Valle doesn't unite his bench, once again, the PAN's bench in the Senate could fracture again, as it has been the case in the two previous Legislatures.

Morena's magic wand

The majority in Congress, Morena and its allies, the PT and PES, have noticed a slow pace in matters urgent to inaugurate Andrés Manuel López Obrador's government. Having over half of the votes suggests that being a majority is about having a magic wand. Yes, but certain steps and times are needed. We've been told by veterans who used to be part of the majority and are now the minority, that Morena's Senators has to debate with experienced opponents yesterday. They point out that by the time they get used to waiting to win a voting, Morena Senators will have to wait for a while. They explain that now that the President-elect is about to take office, Morena lawmakers are starting to get stressed because no matters how many times they used their wand and say the magic words, the laws aren't approved as quickly as they wished.

Don't shoot at the Red Cross!

With a hashtag #WeAren'tATarget (#NoSomosObjetivo) and the phrase “don't shoot, we aren't part of the conflict”, the Red Cross, led by Fernando Suinaga Cárdenas, demands the federal and Guerrero authorities to arrest those who attacked their volunteers last Sunday, when they were handing out humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of San Juan Tenería, Taxco municipality. Six volunteers were wounded and one died. The institution has always been independent, neutral, and impartial, they don't depend on any government. The attack deeply hurts the 45,000 volunteers, says the institution.


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