The problem with dismissals

In Mexico, the violation of the workers' rights is an everyday occurrence, which becomes evident with the workload at the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards

The problem with dismissals
SAT offices - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 10/01/2019 10:35 Mexico City Editorial Actualizada 10:35
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As part of the modifications made in public administration, the federal government is getting rid of certain areas and employees. For example, the Presidential Guard, who used to be in charge of the President's security, disappeared at the beginning of this administration. The government also decided to discharge thousands of employees who were paid through the labor fees scheme

The dismissals have taken place in different departments. One of the first cases took place at the Tax Administration Service (SAT) but it spread to other federal offices.

The majority of those affected don't agree with the way in which the process took place. They were notified a few hours before and they weren't given a settlement.

The federal government created a problem during previous administrations by promoting the hiring of thousands of employees through a labor fees scheme. Did the government try to avoid its responsibility as a boss, by issuing, for years, annual and renewable contracts for thousands of workers?

In regards to Mexico City, there are also protests against the local government. An agreement to provide stability for thousands of employees who are paid through a labor fees scheme was issued in 2015. It was established that they would be given annual contracts, social security, Christmas bonuses, and food stamps; nevertheless, they wouldn't have labor seniority or labor rights.

Today, many of them are unemployed and organizing demonstrations, blocking roads, and preventing access to offices.

Complaints are being submitted to the National Human Rights Commission. Today, EL UNIVERSAL reveals that the organization has received 52 complaints, mainly from SAT and Sedatu workers.

The authorities argue that those fired earned a salary without actually working. Those affected deny the accusations; they all demand an economic settlement. The tribunals will have to solve the case.

The hiring of workers through the labor fees scheme in the federal government won't disappear. On Monday, the Ministry of Finance revealed the general provisions to work at the SAT: no social security, no Christmas bonus, vacation premium, and their contracts will only last a year.

In Mexico, the violation of the workers' rights is an everyday occurrence, which becomes evident with the workload the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards have, the government shouldn't be part of it and promote it.


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