The PRI is in danger of extinction

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The PRI is in danger of extinction
The PRI is now a cartoonish figure after its devastating loss – Photo: Patricia Castellanos / AGENCIA OBTURA
English 12/08/2018 10:46 Mexico City Under Reserve Actualizada 10:47
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The PRI is in danger of extinction

The Congress is changing, and the only one who will remain is the Permanent Commission, which consists of 17 Deputies and 16 Senators, effective for three more weeks. The truth is it's just a formality. Andrés Manuel López Obrador's overwhelming triumph diminishes all the anxiety about September 1, when the new legislators take office. That way, we will have to wait 20 days until the new majority, Morena, raises the curtain. And you can already feel the end of the PRI in the legislative branch. The PRI members are living through a sort of extinction. Some see the extinction of the tricolor dinosaur, we will see if it survives the extinction.

They put the knives away at the PAN

We're told that the ones who expected a quick National Congress at the PAN were left with the popcorn ready because the PAN members never brought out the knives. There were general accusations and criticism towards the current leadership, but without personal allusions, as if they hadn't suffered the worst loss in their history. Some members claimed that the big debate that was expected didn't take place either, but monologues and lots of catharsis, where over 50 orators gave a mea culpa show and invited the 300 counselors to work for the party's unity, to leave quarrels behind, to be humble, but mostly, to think of the PAN as a community, and not as a political loot, as of today, none of the contenders for the party's presidency are true leaders, they represent the ambitions of the group they belong to. Well, they even applauded Ricardo Anaya, the former presidential candidate. So boring.

The ministers' salary...

Will it be reduced?
All the bureaucracy is worried about the end of the Suburbans and they will now have to take the bus or subway; the assistants that only carry the iPad around are extinguished, and all the other privileges they enjoyed during the era of the abundance administration. Now that the country is heading towards Franciscan poverty, not republican austerity, yesterday, the fact that the future Internal Affairs Secretary, Olga Sánchez Cordero, stood up for the judges, ministers, and magistrates' salaries, attracted attention. This is specified in the 94th constitutional article from 1857 and that is based on a 17th century English jurisprudence, where it says that the judicial branch should have its own characteristics, independence, and autonomy. So they judicial branch is willing to be austere, in Sánchez Cordero's words, but in regards to salary, it has to be analyzed.

Cota Montaño's comeback

In the description of how the Public Security Secretariat will be formed, a name of an unconditional to López Obrador suddenly appeared in the last hours. We're told that Leonel Cota's name appeared on the counselors and experts' table, who has expressed his support to the President-elect since 2006. The former Baja California Sur Governor has been nominated to lead the Citizen Participation Subsecretariat, an area that will be key in the attention and a link with the victims. Without a doubt, this is a political piece that looks to place itself in the first row of the executive branch, we're told.


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