Pozole Ramen in Mexico City

You can try the Pozole Ramen throughout September

Pozole Ramen in Mexico City
The fusion dish – Photo: Taken from Yamasan Ramen House's Facebook page
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This new dish is available in Yamasan Ramen House, a restaurant located in Condesa. It's the combination of two immense gastronomic cultures. On one hand, we have ramen, a traditional Japanese dish, which has become a trend in Mexico in recent years, and which has been adopted by Mexicans since the first Japanese restaurants opened in the city in the 80s. And on the Mexican side, we have pozole, which is a beloved dish, which dates back to Pre-Hispanic times.


Shinichiro Nagata, the chef, created the dish, and he wants “people in Mexico to learn more about ramen. That's why he decided to merge both dishes”.

The pozole ramen has typical flavors of the Mexican cuisine, such as the guajillo chili, and although it doesn't include corn, it has a subtle taste. It has the noodles and meat typical of ramen but includes radish, lettuce, chili, and lime.

You can try this dish throughout September at Yamasan Ramen House, in Avenida Tamaulipas 103, Hipódromo Condesa.

The dish comes in two presentations: small and large. Prices range from MXN $110 and MXN $170.


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