Porfirio's delirium

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Porfirio's delirium
Porfirio Muñoz Ledo is leads the lower chamber - Photo: Irvin Olivares/EL UNIVERSAL
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Porfirio's delirium

At the end of the general session in Congress, where the parties commented on the President's state of the union, just when the majority of Morena members were chanting “it's an honor to be with Obrador,” Muñoz Ledo said “it's a delirium to be with Porfirio” which the new head of the Senate heard and laughed at. This joke comes after senator Ricardo Monreal defended President López Obrador and Porfirio Muñoz after PAN members criticized them and after the party broke its promise to let the PAN lead the Senate this year.

Where is the amnesty law?

We've been told that something must have happened because President López Obrador didn't talk much about security his state of the union address. Moreover, Interior Minister Olga Sánchez didn't send the Amnesty Law as a preferential initiative, a bill the President said would be presented a few months ago. Senator Ricardo Monreal, Security Minister Alfonso Durazo, and the President's legal adviser Julio Scherer thought the bill had been sent since it is part of the peace strategy. Nevertheless, we've been told that it'll have to wait. Some say that the criticism generated because officials dialogues with vigilante groups could have influenced the decision not to make the bill a preferential initiative.

The President's achievements

The opposition thought President López Obrador went overboard during his state of the union address. For example, appropriating the historical number of remittances sent by Mexican migrants in the U.S. and which represents the main currency income for the country. Another example is the mention of the medals won by Mexican athletes during the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. They say he was showing off the 55 gold medals.

Zepeda and Barrales move to MC

We've been told that today, MC will confirm that the former PRD member, Juan Zepeda, will join the party. So on Wednesday, the so-called rockstar of politics will join the Senate as part of the MC group. We've been told that Alejandra Barrales will also join the party.


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