Pemex is fighting fuel theft with guns

Pemex is arming and training its personnel, teaching them how to shoot and repel armed attacks

Pemex is fighting fuel theft with guns
Drilled pipelines have ended in fires and explosions - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Pemex is arming and training the personnel from the Strategical Safeguard Sub-Directorate (Subdirección de Salvaguarda Estratégica), teaching them how to shoot, protection and reaction techniques to repel armed attacks, as well as the rational use of force in the fight against the illegal drilling of oil pipelines.

Information obtained by EL UNIVERSAL reveals that the oil company is intensifying the activities, besides other actions they are implementing to prevent the clandestine oil connections.

Fuel theft is reaching record numbers this year. According to numbers from Pemex, they registered 10,101 drillings between January and August 2018, 3,367 more than the ones registered during the same period in 2017.

Officers from the National Defense Ministry and the Mexican Armed Forces, as well as state police officers, are being trained to detect, through physical and records inspection, tank trucks that transport stolen fuels, as well as identifying the moves made by the criminal bands in the clandestine connections. The PEMEX agents are also being taught about theft prevention and the illegal commercialization of fuel.

Since its creation in 2014, the Strategical Safeguard Sub-Directorate is in charge of “the actions to provide physical safety for the personnel, facilities, the company's goods and services, their subsidiary productive enterprises, using their own personnel, and if necessary, private security services.

In fact, Pemex has hired a private security company, which name has been kept a secret for security reasons.

EL UNIVERSAL requested information about the number of elements the Strategical Safeguard Sub-Directorate has and the type of weapons they use, but we didn't receive a response from Pemex, as that information is kept private for security reasons, to protect the personnel.

The strategy, which had been kept secret, anticipates the creation of coordination centers and inter-institutional and multidisciplinary command posts.

The oil company indicated they activated work centers, in line with the new territorial division: five terrestrial regions, a marine region, four special attention areas, and physical security areas, although their location is not mentioned for security reasons.

All these measures are being implemented, due to the high rate of fuel theft, which has forced Pemex's personnel to directly face the “huachicoleros.”


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