Opposition is essential

Opposition will be key for balance in the next government, but are the PRI, PAN, and PRD up to the task?

Opposition is essential
Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President-elect - Photo: Ulises Ruiz Basurto/EFE
English 08/07/2018 09:55 Mexico City Newspaper Leader Actualizada 11:51

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In every real democracy, the existence and the role of the opposition's political forces are essential and crucial when the time comes to develop laws and public policies and to create a counterbalance in government, which is always necessary.

It's unlikely that there is an authentic dialogue, debate and political unity without an opposition. Simply because without differences in proposals, opinions, and stances real politics can't be practiced.

In Mexico, until a few decades ago, during the “old PRI” era, the role of the opposition (which was minor but still existed), was mostly limited to being the regime's puppets. It was until the twilight of the last century, in the middle of a wave of political changes, when an opposition with authentic strength was established in our country by gradually winning spaces, after difficult fights, which translated in an abrupt maturation of our young democracy.

From then on, and after experiencing a political transition after more than 70 years of a PRI government in Mexico, we have savored an ever-increasing diverse political offer, which has, without a doubt, nourished the citizen’s political culture

In this sense, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Morena's indisputable triumph on July 1st left the rest of the political forces extremely reduced and with a serious internal identity, leadership, and representation crisis. Their triumph highlights the necessity that the PRI, PAN, and PRD, in their role as a minority opposition, make an exhaustive revision of their principles, objectives, and priorities, and a rigorous self-criticism exercise, facing the citizens, but especially inside their organization, to face their supporters and members.

And at the same time and having registered the lowest number of votes in their history, it's urgent that the three parties offer an alternative project from that of the government: simple, convincing and responsible. A project that gives them visibility and, especially, credibility before people. Their survival depends on it, without exaggerating.

In the opinion of experts, these three political organizations must begin a transformation process, or rather, rebuild in order to be an option for voters again.

Otherwise, Morena and their allies' hegemony, won in the polls and although legit, might create unbalance and debilitate the politic system and the parties.

Paradoxically, AMLO's overwhelming victory was a democratic expression by excellence, with 53% of the votes, which might originate a stronger and more solid democracy and a more robust and effective party system. Or we might return to a dominant party system similar, but not identical, to the powerful PRI of the past.