One dead and 41 wounded after two subway trains collide in Mexico City

Mexico City’s subway system is used by millions of users every day

One dead and 41 wounded after two subway trains collide in Mexico City
The tragic accident took place in the Tacubaya station - Photo: Armando Martínez Arguelles
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Last night, two subway trains collided in Mexico City, leaving 41 people wounded and 1 dead.

The tragic accident took place at 11:37 PM when the last trains were providing service in a crowded subway line, in the Tacubaya station.

Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum explained the situation through her Twitter account and added that an international certifier and local authorities will investigate the incident:

Users took to social media to share videos of the accident. Police officers and users can be seen trying to rescue those trapped inside the trains while other police officers and users take pictures.

Mexico City’s subway system informed that 16 victims were immediately transported to nearby hospitals and others were treated for minor injuries:

Emergency services such as the ERUM, Red Cross, Firefighters, and Civil Protection arrived at the site.

Several government officials such as mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, Attorney General Ernestina Godoy; Florencia Serranía Soto, the head of the subway system; Security Minister Omar García Harfuch, and others.

Meanwhile, the local Attorney General’s Office said it will launch an investigation after the collision.


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