López Obrador's opportunity

He is facing the opportunity to fulfill his project: inclusive, equal, without corruption and impunity

López Obrador's opportunity
AMLO took office on December 1 - Photo: Edgar Garrido/Reuters
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The Fourth Transformation began with messages and all kinds of promises for all sectors. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador couldn't let this opportunity pass when the national and international spotlight was on him.

In his message to the markets, López Obrador said that he will only spend the available resources and committed to not increasing the current public debt. To those who want to see a potential dictator in him, he revealed that he won't seek reelection “under any circumstance”. To those who question his little tolerance to criticism, he mentioned that he will respect freedom, especially freedom of speech, as well as focusing on reconciliation.

He mentioned several topics: the cancellation of the education reform, Republican austerity, inequality decrease, punish abuse of power...

His plan: achieving a transformation in the midst of a pacific and organized scenario.

Nevertheless, the main and most important commitment mentioned during his speech in Congress was the aim to end corruption and impunity, “which have stopped Mexico's renewal.”

The promises to attack corruption, nevertheless, won't be easy to fulfill. More than good intentions are required and the President has to lead by example and honesty.

In the previous presidency, several mechanisms to attack the causes of corruption were left unfinished, which should be resumed to banish practices such as the one discovered by the Federal Superior Auditors, who denounced the triangulation of resources and the allocation of contracts to third parties, without having evidence of any service carried out by those companies.

The President described a very different reality, different from the one portrayed by the previous governments in official speeches. A country plagued by poverty, corruption, and impunity.

His words confirmed what has been his political banner for years. There were little differences in the discourse he has used in the last years, and which he has materialized in books.

Now he is facing the opportunity to fulfill his project: inclusive, equal, without corruption and impunity.

After decades of the government has unsuccessfully fought against those issues, it is necessary that the President has the support of every sector.

120 million Mexicans hope that what took place yesterday won't be a promise.


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