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Napito is back

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Napito is back
The former Union leader has been exiled for over a decade – Photo: Lyle Stafford/EL UNIVERSAL Leer en español
Mexico City
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Napito is back

The miners' leader and future Morena Senator has everything ready for his triumphant return to Mexico. We're told that Napoleón Gómez Urrutia has everything packed to travel from Canada to Mexico City, after being exiled for 12 years, after going through a legal process after being charged with an alleged USD $55 million fraud, using the miners' money. Whats the former miner's union leader plan? We're told that his lawyer, Marco Antonio del Toro, will travel to Canada tomorrow, to bring Napito back home, who will have to go to the Senate to register as a legislator and receive his ID. The plan, we're told, is that Del Toro will take over any legal eventuality, so that his client can take office, with AMLO's blessing. Next week, after many years, Mr. Napoleón will sleep and eat in his country. And of course, he will have immunity...

The new Defense Secretary

Among the few Secretaries from the current administration who might have a meeting with the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, we're told that Salvador Cienfuegos is among them, the current National Defense Secretary. We're told that the future President already has a short list of option who could succeed General Cienfuegos, but before making any decision, he will talk with Cienfuegos to learn about his impressions and point of view about the man who will be in charge of directing the army and the air force in the incoming years.

PRD are the “Suntory”

No one said reflecting was cheap. We're told that yesterday, at the Suntory, an exclusive restaurant in Mexico City, the PRD's Galileos branch held a meeting about the party's future and their permanence in the party. They point out that the “Galileos” are taking advantage of the commodity and atmosphere at the famous restaurant's garden to talk about re-founding the PRD or if they should create a new party. We're told that this idea of giving the party an “assisted suicide”, to begin from scratch, is also being considered by other PRD branches. The elected Senator, Emilio Álvarez Icaza, also attended the meeting, and he's still deciding if he'll join the PRD or MC. In the end, the check must have been an expensive one, but surely the brainy conclusions they arrived to are worthy of that and more.

UNAM will recognize the Minister President

The Supreme Court Minister, Luis María Aguilar will be celebrating. We're told that the UNAM, led by Enrique Graue, is organizing a celebration to recognize Mr. Luis María's 50 years trajectory. They revealed that with the university community's support, through the Law Faculty, the UNAM will grant the Minister President the “Culturae Legis” award, as a homage to being an outstanding UNAM's graduate. So they're getting ready to sing the Goya for the minister.


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