Napito, a movie-like return

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Napito, a movie-like return
He has been officially named as Senator – Photo: Taken from his Twitter account
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Napito, a movie-like return

In Mexico, in his lawyers' office, they set out a movie-like return for Napoleón Gómez Urrutia. We're told some of the ideas belonged in a movie script, such as renting a jet for the miners' leader, invite the press and some of his legal advisers. In fact, as we revealed in EL UNIVERSAL, his lawyer, Marco del Toro was getting his suitcase ready to travel to Canada to accompany his client on his way to Mexico City, with the aim of solving any legal mishap and for him to be at the Senate on Monday. We don't know if Mr. Marco traveled to Canada, but he did accompany him in the Senate, where Napito went to get his ID. As you may know, Gómez Urrutia spent 12 years in Canada, while he was being investigated for a USD $55 million from the miners' union. And now he's back and accompanied by Del Toro...

AMLO's collaborators are already working

Even when AMLO's cabinet will take office on December 1st, they have already started working, even when they are three months away from taking over the country, they are actually in charge. For example, yesterday, in a restaurant in the Roma neighborhood, the future Expenses Sub-secretary from the Finance Secretariat, Gerardo Esquivel, had a meeting with Quintana Roo's Governor, Carlos Joaquín, and talked about the way in which he will work in finances in the incoming administration. In the same restaurant, a few tables away were the incoming Internal Affairs Sub-secretary Zoé Robledo and a member of the legislative branch, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, who will be the Chamber of Deputies' president. At this rate, the incoming officials will have to go on vacations soon, as they will get to the President's inauguration after six months of work.

Governors are mad at Peña

Some of the PRI governors feel anger, annoyance, and discomfort towards President Peña Nieto. Some see the “concessions” made towards Andrés Manuel López Obrador as a “political civility” message, while others, among them Governors, can't believe it. Those same characters see, for now, Claudia Ruiz Massieu's arrival to the PRI's presidency with help from the President as irreversible. We're told that starting on December 1st, things could change in Peña Nieto's stance, as well as the definition of the party's leadership. The thing is they're not happy, at all. A “Night of the Long Knives” could be on the works.

The governor that allied with AMLO

They point out that Chiapas' Governor, Manuel Velasco, has turned into a key ally for the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Velasco called on the elected Governors, for a second time, to meet with the President-elect and his cabinet, to talk about the issues that concern them in regards to their relationship with the federal administration. Also, AMLO will be in Chiapas for 2 days, as AMLO choose Chiapas to start with his forum to reach a new education agreement and to meet with a President, Jimmy Morales from Guatemala. We're told by those close to the Governor, that the relationship between both will continue after Velasco Coello ends his term and takes office as Senator.


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