Morena is coming for the PAN

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Morena is coming for the PAN
Gerardo Fernández Noroña is known for his antics – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Morena is coming for the PAN

Yesterday, Morena's majority in Congress was useful to crush their friend, Gerardo Fernández Noroña, who was shut down before he began one of his already famous and celebrated by many, shows. Now, Morena's bench, led by Mario Delgado, could crush the PAN. An important clash between them to decide who will occupy the Building B's first floor is foreseen, as it has traditionally been occupied by the PAN, and we're told that the whole floor is used by their coordinator, and according to some stories, the spa where the PAN legislators pamper themselves in is on that same floor. Morena insists that it needs the whole building to install over 250 deputies. So we will see if they crush the PAN and leave them without a spa.

Bomb against Gómez Morín

Just a few hours after his presentation before society, after announcing his candidacy for the PAN's presidency, Manuel Gómez Morín Martínez Del Río's colleagues threw the first bomb against him, the grandson of one of the party's founders. In their group chats, PAN members shared a picture of Mr. Manuel with the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with information that the now-candidate attended events organized by Morena. This was enough to burn him at the stake: Should they vote for someone who could have possibly contributed to AMLO's win? Did he betray the party's rules? Wasn't he a die-hard PAN member?, they asked themselves. Friendly fire.

The PES still exists thanks to San Lázaro

By deed and grace of San Lázaro, the PES party has life in Congress. As you may know, the PES lost its registration as it didn't reach the 3% during the July 1st election. Nevertheless, the Congress's General Committee President, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, declared the constitution of eight parliamentary groups, among them is the PES. That way, the PES members agreed with Morena's majority to keep a bench of 31 legislators and to make room for four or more Morena legislators, who also wants the Political Coordination Board. And now all of AMLO's followers are happy with the patron saint of the Legislative Palace.

AMLO and the group of 10

We're told that yesterday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador could finally make amends with the Group of 10 in Nuevo León. The event attended by the President-elect was also attended by some of the most important businessmen in the country: Armando Garza Sada (Grupo Industrial Alfa), Jose Antonio Fernández Carbajal (FEMSA), Juan González Moreno (Gruma), and Enrique Zambrano (Proeza). During the meeting, they agreed to work together to, mainly, start a project focused on young people and tutors in the private sector. And although the businessmen lost some economic benefits, the President-elect promised them that the Economy Secretariat will move to Monterrey and that the next Secretary, Graciela Márquez, is already looking for a house to move in.


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