22 | JUL | 2019
Morena wants what it wants
Mario Delgado is fighting for the buildingS Morena wants – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Morena wants what it wants

Mexico City
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Morena wants what it wants

We're told that the fight for the offices in the Chamber of deputies was begun, because Morena, led by Mario Delgado, have already asked the General Secretariat to be given the building B, and several floors in the building H. Legislators from the PAN, PRI, PRD, have told the legislative organism that they won't leave these offices just because Morena has the majority. We're told that the PRD and the PAN 's coordinators office are both in building B. While the PRI is in building H. We're told that in order to avoid a fight, the Secretariat will issue a new proposal one the new Political Coordination is installed, and they hope that everyone will approve it. Nevertheless, it would be too naive to think that there won't be a fight for the buildings.

The Senate's recipe for austerity

Now that the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has said that he will look to implement an austere policy that includes the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. We're told that in the Senate, they have already prepared a proposal of an Austerity and Expense Rationality for the incoming bench coordinators. Although they claim that the republican scissor will stop until it's “fair and necessary” for the Senate to work properly and without luxuries. They revealed that one of the suggestions is that they can achieve a good amount of cuts in the case of commissions, they claim that they can get rid of half of them without consequences. That, we're told, is part of the austerity recipe.

Mancera gets the coordination and avoids conflict

We're told that the fight inside the PRD for the Senate's coordination was in full force, but at the end, Miguel Ángel Mancera got the position. We're told that during the negotiations between the groups, Héctor Serrano, who was looking for the bench's coordination in Congress, had to take a step back. The agreement they reached, we're told, was that the Congress coordination will be changed every year, and it will be taken by the ADN current in the first year, then NI and the VP current, which currently holds the party's leadership, the coordination of the Mexico City Legislative Assembly, and now the Senate. They say that although they had the majority to get the Congress coordination, they stepped aside to avoid an internal conflict during a difficult time.

A PAN's member has some priorities

We're told that in Baja California Sur they're wondering if the Education Secretary, Héctor Jiménez, will assume his position or if he will dedicate himself to the PAN's internal process. The questions emerged because Mr. Héctor is part of the Electoral Commission, that will be in charge of the leadership renovation process in the PAN, a task that seems to be exhausting and will demand a lot of work. So Jiménez will have to define his priorities: the party of public service. If he chooses the first, the state's citizens will be in their right to demand him to quit the position to make room for someone who is worried about education in Baja California Sur. They say it's not much to ask.


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