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Ricardo Monreal's suggestion
Ricardo Monreal - Photo: Lucía Godinez/EL UNIVERSAL

Ricardo Monreal's suggestion

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Ricardo Monreal's suggestion

We've been told that last Friday, PAN Senators received phone calls from the same caller: Loretta Ortiz Ahlf, one of the nominees to the Supreme Court. According to PAN members, Loretta Ortiz explained her academic credentials during the call; but mostly, she presented herself as a “recommendation” from Ricardo Monreal, in order to substitute José Ramón Cossío. They claim that Monreal himself shared the PAN members' information with the contender; he knows they require votes from the opposition to promote Loretta Ortiz.

Morena does additions and subtractions at the Senate

In any case, Morena's bench in the Senate needs 20 more votes to make sure their appointed ministers are elected, many of whom are close to the new administration. They explain that the 70 votes from Morena, along with those from their allies in the PT and PES, would increase to 76 with the help of the PVEM. Therefore, Monreal will have to look for votes at the PAN, PRI, PRD, and MC. It seems like the one with the biggest possibilities is Juan Luis González Alcántara Carrancá, as the opposition doesn't like that the other two options have a political affiliation. The issue could be solved next week...

Airing the Electoral Tribunal's dirty laundry

During last night's session at the Electoral Tribunal, the magistrate that proposed the annulment of the Puebla election, José Luis Vargas Valdés, aired his coworkers' dirty laundry. Vargas claimed that lobbying was the reason the Puebla election was validated. He even pointed out the missing people at the session. “I'm surprised the room is so empty,” he said while the absences of magistrates Reyes Rodríguez and Felipe de la Mata Pizaña were evident, as well as magistrate Indalfer Infante, who, he claimed, “suspiciously” prepared a project to validate the election. By the way, in order to stop speculations, Vargas revealed that he will be absent next week, as he has work commitments in Madrid, “so you don't get ahead, I just gave you the information,” he said.

Marko Cortés' boring first session

Marko Cortés's first session at the party's National Council, as the PAN's president, was quite sad with the absence of leaders such as the former party presidents such as Luis Felipe Bravo Mena, Gustavo Madero or Ricardo Anaya, and only the PAN Governor who attended was Durango's Governor, José Rosas Aispuro. After leaving the meeting, some counselors said it was “boring”, maybe because it was a meeting to approve the new appointments, where it was confirmed that Fernando Herrera is the PAN's new spokesperson.


An independent and strong Supreme Court

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the Supreme Court's minister, José Ramón Cossío, claims that the Supreme Court will compete with the political power and face new challenges
An independent and strong Supreme CourtAn independent and strong Supreme Court


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