17 | NOV | 2019
Human rights activist Zenaida Pulido murdered
The number of missing persons in Mexico is in the rise - Photo: Paolo Aguilar/EFE

Human rights activist Zenaida Pulido murdered

Mexico City
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Zenaida Pulido Lombera was the coordinator of the International Caravan in Search of the Disappeared, in Aquila, Michoacán

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Zenaida Pulido Lombera, a merchant from the municipality of Aquila, Michoacán, and an activist of the search groups for missing persons, was murdered this weekend.

Her murder happened last Friday, but it was until Sunday that it was published through social media.

The Attorney General’s Office of Michoacán confirmed the homicide of Zenaida Pulido.

The Attorney General’s Office said that Pulido Lombera was the owner of a restaurant in that municipality located 430 kilometers away from the capital of the state.

Security reports refer that the murder of the activist happened on the highway that goes through the locality of Pichilinguillo, 122 kilometers away from Aquila’s municipal capital.

Police reports suggest that the activist was intercepted by several armed suspects who shot her dead.


Mothers of missing people in Mexico protest in Reforma

This mother collective is part of the 7th March for National Dignity and is accompanied by members of NGO's and Amnesty International
Mothers of missing people in Mexico protest in ReformaMothers of missing people in Mexico protest in Reforma

Laura Orozco Medina, member of the collective “Familiares Caminando por Justicia,” noted that Zenaida Pulido was the coordinator of the International Caravan in Search of the Disappeared “Buscando encontraremos,” held in the municipality of Aquila, between April and May of this year.

“She, along with other victims, coordinated to feed and house us in the caravan. One of the points where the search was conducted was because she suspected it was where her missing relative could be,” remembered Laura Orozco.

Due to her active participation in the works to find missing persons, Zenaida Pulido was in the grip of threats in recent weeks, which she meant to denounce the same day she was murdered.

“This could be retaliation for having helped the caravan; it’s a message to those relatives who dare to speak, who dare to denounce or help this kind of activities that could bring with them important discoveries that do not benefit the perpetrators,” she exposed.

Orozco Medina, who along with Zenaida Pulido and other relatives of missing persons found 43 human remains in a clandestine grave in the municipality of Aquila, asked for the murder of his colleague not to go unpunished.

He demanded in that sense that the necessary security measures be applied to her bereaved, who face the fear of criminals acting against them due to the lack of security in the region.


Families beg for justice

It is unreasonable that the victims are still begging for justice
Families beg for justiceFamilies beg for justice


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