Pornographic chat in a misogynist Senate

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Pornographic chat in a misogynist Senate
Ismael Cabeza de Vaca made evident that he's sexist and misogynist - Photo: Ivan Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL
English 30/09/2018 11:03 Mexico City Under Reserve Actualizada 11:05
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Pornographic chat in a misogynist Senate

They still haven't forgotten about the “pornochat” scandal at the Senate, starred by Ismael García Cabeza de Vaca, PAN, when they are already involved in another gaffe. Involuntarily? We'll tell you the story. Misogyny is evidently the male Senators' Achilles heel, as none of them signed up for the Gender Equality Commission, where 11 women are taking part, led by Martha Lucía Micher Camarena (Morena), and two secretaries, Blanca Estela Piña (Morena), and Alejandra León (PT). We're told there are two available positions in the Commission, and we'll see if any man will sign up. And although the number of male and female Senators are almost even, they point out that in the eight benches, the leaders are male. The sexism is already in them, we're told, it's in every parliamentary group. And if we look around San Lázaro, the problem repeats itself. Women make up almost half of the Senate, but no woman is the parliamentary coordinator. San Lázaro is led by a man, as well as the Political Coordination Board. Well, Ismael is among friends...

Congresswomen afraid of being relegated

By the way, in San Lázaro, Morena was egalitarian in the distribution of the commissions' leadership. From 22 commission, 11 will be led by women. In the case of the PRI, only one out of four will be led by a woman, Martha Garay Cadena, who will lead the Vulnerable Groups Commission. But we're told no women have been named in the case of the PAN and the PRD, and they are afraid they will leave out women power from the presidencies. We'll see.

Jonathan Heath and his Italian taste

The Ph.D. in Economy, Jonathan Heath, revealed that the President-elect, Adrés Manuel López Obrador, will propose him as the next Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mexico. Heath said that “it's not a simple rumor”, but that the incoming Finance Minister, Carlos Urzúa, offered him the position and he accepted. After the support he received on Twitter, the experienced economist announced that he would celebrate with a good Negroni, an Italian cocktail. Of course, his taste generated some critiques on social media, like the one done by Carlos Sotelo, who asked him if a Negroni as a good mezcal from Oaxaca. Others asked him to focus on Mexico and the work at the Banxico.

PES's offices are envied

Óscar González Yañez, the former contender to the State of Mexico Governorship and PT legislator, was seen very excited about the distribution of the offices in Congress. We're told that PES employees, a party that disappeared, but knows how to have a good time, were arranging their new furniture when the PT deputy walked by and he stopped to contemplate the new design. Does the Transparency and Anti-corruption Commission leader also wants furniture “in good conditions” for his office in San Lázaro?


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