20 | OCT | 2019
How to welcome the migrant caravan?
The caravan is set to arrive in Mexico today - Photo: Victoria Razo/AFP

How to welcome the migrant caravan?

Mexico City
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Those who aren't holders of a Mexican visa or are not asylum seekers will be deported

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Mexico's tradition in regards to migration, at least during the past century, has been to help the persecuted, those who live in danger in their countries, and those who choose our country to start a new life...but that might be changing.

The migrant caravan that left Honduras last weekend, in order to reach the U.S. and request asylum there, and meet with family members, will face the police and strict migration measure in Mexico.

The head of the Federal Police has been in Tapachula, Chiapas since Tuesday and at least 240 agents arrived yesterday, to strengthen the security in the area,

Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that those who have a visa issued by the Mexican government won't face problems to stay in Mexico and that those who wish to request asylum must do it individually, according to the current law, and those who don't have a visa and are not asylum seekers will be deported.

The chance that the thousands of migrants in the caravan have Mexican visas is minimum. If they are thinking of requesting asylum, the statistics do not favor them, as the requests increased from 3,000 in 2015 to over 14,000 in 2017.

The request has surpassed the Mexican Commission of Migrant Aid, which takes much more than 90 working days to give solve the requests. Many of the asylum seekers desist and less than half of those who bear the long wait are allowed to stay. Will the Central-Americans, who are arriving at the southern border in the next hours, be deported?

This is the second time in the year that thousands of migrants rally in Central-American nations with the purpose of arriving in the U.S., whose President demands, or threatens, the governments on the south of his border to stop the caravan.

The exodus is driven by poverty and violence. It's been said that the issue must be addressed regionally, but actions have been scarce. What have the governments in the area done to remedy the situation of millions of people, six months after the first caravan? Until now, there has been a lack of mutual commitment to develop joint initiatives that grant a decent life to the citizens of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, mainly.

The demand of those who are part of the caravan is to have the opportunity of a better future, They are not criminals or terrorists. Is slamming the door on their faces the best option?


Migrant caravan reaches Mexico City

The NGO organizing the caravan has stated they will conclude the this year's march in Mexico City after meeting with Mexican authorities
 Migrant caravan reaches Mexico City Migrant caravan reaches Mexico City


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