The Mexican Raiders

The Arboledas organization has the authorization to use the name and wear the colors of the NFL team

The organization has over 500 players – Photo courtesy of OAKLAND RAIDERS
English 15/11/2017 12:10 Ariel Velázquez Actualizada 12:27

There is no Youth American football organization in Mexico which keeps as close a relationship with an NFL team as the Raiders of Arboledas does with the Oakland Raiders.

In 1982, the NFL Raiders authorized the Mexican team to use their logo and colors. Last year, they renewed the agreement, which included the visit during the Summer of former Raider's linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

On July 21, Jenkins spent some time with the children who belong to one of the several categories of the Arboledas Raiders.

Last year, when the Raiders won over the Texans at the Azteca Stadium, the NFL México gave 50 tickets for the game to the young players who every weekend defend the Raiders' colors in the baby, girl's, children's and junior categories.

Around 580 children and teens practice in the field known as the Pirate's Cave and they hope to meet in the upcoming months another Raider's player who can come and share his experience, but above all, to witness how the passion for American football is lived in Mexico.