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Parres, Mexico City's first mass grave
An inhabitant said that criminals have moved into the area, bearing arms in broad daylight
FBI to investigate the LeBarón case
After the murder of 3 women and 6 children, the FBI will join the investigation
The politicians and prominent figures investigated or charged with crimes in Mexico
The current administration is currently investigating several former ministers, lawyers, and politicians
LeBarón and Ciudad Juárez attacks: the rise of four Mexican drug cartels
Four criminal organizations are becoming increasingly powerful in northern Mexico after events such as the murder of nine LeBarón family members and the violent attacks in Ciudad Juárez
Pemex is drowning in debt
Pemex is in danger of being accused of accounting fraud in the U.S. The oil company has stopped paying contracts to over 950 companies and does not report that debt on its financial statements
Mexico among top 10 least safe countries
According to Gallup’s 2019 Global Law and Order report, Mexico is the ninth nation in the world with the worst law and order index
Fuel oil crisis threatens Pemex
The entry into force of the new rules of the International Maritime Organization (IMO 2020) that forbid vessels to use fuel oil with high sulfur content (over 0.5%) affects not only national production but its commercialization in the domestic market, as well as its exports
Emirates Airline set to operate in Mexico
Emirates Airlines obtained permission to operate a daily flight between Dubai and Mexico City via Barcelona starting next December 9, 2019
The LeBarón case: Drug cartels & the fight to control drug trafficking routes
According to officials, the attacks could have been mistaken identity cases but the family rejects the theory
The story behind Mexican chili peppers
English Did you know Mexico is considered as the place where chilies originated and were domesticated?
From poachers to guardians: saving manatees in Mexico
English How could a biologist turn manatee poachers into their most loving guardians?
Jaume Plensa’s monumental sculpture at MUNAL
English It will be exhibited until February 2020
A modern take on piñatas
English With the help of technology, artist Joshua Janis creates realistic piñatas made from papier-mache
Children and Young Adults International Book Fair in Mexico City
English The Children and Young Adults International Book Fair returns to Cenart
Are you ready for EDC Mexico 2020?
English For the first time, EDC Mexico will be three-days long
Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno wins 2019 National Sports Award
English She will compete in Tokyo 2020
Mexico’s Conquest: the environmental impact
English The Spanish arrived in Mexico in 1519
Motecuhzoma II arrives at Mexico City
English It will be presented at 19:00 in Mexico City's Zócalo
Xalapa Botanical Garden among top 10 North American Gardens Worth Travelling For
English It has a collection of over 1,000 species
James Turrell exhibit to light Museo Jumex
English “Passages of Light” will be exhibited next November in Mexico City
First mammoth traps in the world found in Tultepec, Mexico
English 800 bones of at least 14 of these animals from the Elephantidae family were uncovered
Veracruz, Michoacán, Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Morelos, Sinaloa, Sonora, and Chihuahua have been the scenario for violent incidents