The many health benefits of tripe tacos
Tripe tacos are good for your health! - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

The many health benefits of tripe tacos

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Tripe tacos are one of the most famous and most requested by Mexicans

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Tripe tacos are one of the most famous and most requested by Mexicans. If they are a guilty pleasure for you, perhaps you will change your mind since, according to an article of the Healthy Eating section of the San Francisco Gate website, the meat used for these tacos has more benefits that you could have imagined.

The so-called tripes are actually beef intestines which are very common in several dishes in Latin America. In Mexico, they are mostly eaten in what could be a national dish: tacos.

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According to the article, tripes are an excellent sour of protein since the portion supplied by this meat can help to achieve the recommended daily intake by the United States Department of Agriculture.

On the other hand, this protein is low-fat since it supplies barely four grams of which less than two are saturated fat. In addition, a portion of this food contains only 96 calories.

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Beef intestines also supply a good dose of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B-12, phosphorus, and zinc.

Regarding vitamin B-12, beef intestines supply 63% of the recommended daily intake so it helps have healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver, in addition to helping strengthen the immune system.

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Regarding phosphorus, the information explains that this meat provides over 10% of the daily intake which is vital to keep bones and teeth healthy.

Lastly, tripes also provide zinc, which is highly important for good health and body functioning, as well as helping improve the immune system.

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Although its health benefits are undeniable, in the case of eating this meat in tacos, it is recommended to prepare them at home with as little fat as possible. Eating them in the street might not be the healthiest option since they are usually made with high amounts of saturated fat.

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