19 | OCT | 2019
Lynchings on the rise
Lynchings have tripled in the last years - Photo: Gael Gozalez/REUTERS

Lynchings on the rise

Mexico City
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One of the factors behind lynchings is the lack of legitimacy of the security forces

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It's understandable that neighbors and communities feel like they've had enough of insecurity and get together to defend themselves against any threat but there are moments when they detain an alleged criminal and outbursts and rampage take over the community and they commit brutal and violent attacks against people who might be innocent.

According to information published by EL UNIVERSAL today, lynchings have increased in recent times.

A study organized by the National Human Rights Commission and the National Autonomous University of Mexico shows that lynchings tripled. In 2017, 60 attacks were registered while 174 attacks were registered in 2018.

EL UNIVERSAL also presents the testimony of a young man who was wrongly accused of being a thief; 10 people hit and kicked him until they almost killed him. After being in a coma for several days, of being at the hospital for a month, and taking rehabilitation therapy for a year, he has been able to go back to his life. In the midst of the frenzy, a mob won't listen to arguments.

Experts mention that one of the factors behind lynchings is the lack of legitimacy of the security forces. In contrast with more developed countries, in Mexico, the majority of security forces is linked to corruption, incompetence, or weakness in the face of crime. There is no trust between society and the police officers.

The country should aspire to eradicate lynchings but for that to take place, all the security and justice apparatuses would have to operate with efficiency and efficiency; the police will lead the fight against lynchings.

Unity between neighbors is positive but it has to be coordinated with police bodies; all security models should consider the establishment of a close relationship with society.

Taking justice into their own hands and ignoring the institutions created to fulfill those tasks is a sign of little credibility. It is a symptom of the deficient operation in the institutions that are responsible for security, who have to investigate, and issue verdicts. Lynchings, violence, and crimes prevent the development of a society that works using a legal basis.


Lynchings show 190% increase in Mexico

76% of all aggressions occurred in Puebla, the State of Mexico, Tabasco, Mexico City, and Hidalgo
Lynchings show 190% increase in MexicoLynchings show 190% increase in Mexico


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