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Mexico could raffle luxurious presidential plane after unsuccessful sale
Since taking office in December 2018, President López Obrador has refused to use the airplane - Photo: Yadín Xolalpa/EL UNIVERSAL

Luxurious presidential plane returns to Mexico

Alberto Morales y Alexis Ortiz
Mexico City
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The airplane was purchased by Felipe Calderón and used by Enrique Peña Nieto

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On January 14, the Mexican government announced that since the TP01 presidential plane didn’t sell while stationed in California, the luxurious airplane was purchased by Felipe Calderón and used by Enrique Peña Nieto will return to Mexico, in an effort to sell it or rent it.

In December 2018, the José María Morelos y Pavón presidential plane was transported to the U.S., where it was put up for sale with the help of the UN Ethics and Transparency office.

Did you know the plane is so luxurious the UN couldn't sell it?

During the President’s daily news conference, Jorge Mendoza, the head of Banobras, explained that although several buyers were interested in Mexico’s presidential plane and even offered more than the USD $130 million asking price, the buyers and officials couldn’t reach an agreement.

Therefore, the airplane will return to Mexico, where it will be sold to one buyer, several buyers, or be rented.

Photo: Alfredo Guerrero/EL UNIVERSAL

During his news conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador denied that the attempt to sell the airplane had failed and insisted that this was a complex process.

The Mexican President said the infamous airplane will be kept at the presidential hangar or at the Santa Lucía airbase once it returns from California.

The new Mexican government prepares to sell presidential plane

Moreover, López Obrador said the airplane will be handed to the Mexican Air Force.

Since he took office in December 2018, President López Obrador has refused to use the airplane and prefers commercial flights. He has also criticized the cost of the plane.

On Friday, President López Obrador informed that one of the options to sell the presidential plane could we through a raffle among Mexicans, who would have to buy tickets for MXN $500 to participate.

In his morning news conference, López Obrador said that his government could sell 6 million lottery tickets for MXN $500 each with the objective of recovering the investment made in the presidential plane. With the sale, the government would obtain MXN $3 billion.

He said that to sell all the lottery tickets, businessmen could help commercialize them among all their workers, in addition to those being purchased by people in general.

Today, López Obrador informed about the five options to sell the presidential plane.

In addition to the raffle, he said that the airplane has already been offered to the Donald Trump administration in exchange for medical equipment.

Likewise, he added that the government has received an offer for USD $125 million from a person in the United States and that the airplane could be offered for lease or sold to a group of 12 national businessmen.

Calderón and Peña Nieto spent $675 million on planes


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