Luztopía, a lit Christmas

Celebrate Christmas by visiting Luztopía and its 250 lit-up figures

Luztopía, a lit Christmas
Luztopía Festival - Photo: Taken from Luztopía's Instagram account
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Something that characterizes Christmas are lights and that is why the biggest Christmas lights festival in Mexico was created, we're talking about Luztopía, which is celebrating its second edition this year, with over 250 lit-up figures.



No te lo pierdas!!

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Luztopía has 2 kilometers of lit-up figures and other attractions that make Luztopía a space full of lights and color, ideal to visit during the holidays.

You can visit Luztopía at the Fundidora de Monterrey Park, where you can admire the Christmas figures, a 60-foot-tall Christmas tree, a 49-foot-tall castle, a magic tunnel, and a Christmas villa where Santa Claus' home is located.

But it's not all about lights, there will also be a traditional market, where the attendees will be able to enjoy traditional Christmas dishes.

Luztopía will open on November 22 and close on January 6. The tickets are MXN $50.


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