Kiwis banned from the Senate

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Kiwis banned from the Senate
The PVEM has turned into an important ally for Morena – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Kiwi banned from the Senate

After Morena and the PVEM's “cheap” negotiation in San Lázaro, where 5 deputies from the PVEM changed to Morena's bench to give them the absolute majority, it became public that the exchanged legislators were named the “kiwi deputies” because they are brown outside, and green inside. Now, in the Senate, they have vaccinated themselves against a scandal similar to the one that took place in Congress. We're told that PVEM in the Senate won't give up any of its legislators so that Morena can increase its majority. Although they will fully support for Morena, none of their members has to move to another bench, they claim. They point out that in public, as well as in private, Ricardo Monreal has said that he is betting on creating legislative majorities in the negotiations but he doesn't expect “chapulineo”, legislators switching parties, to drive Morena's project. That is, the kiwis are banned from the Senate.

AMLO's cabinet is truck by reality

As the days go by, the Secretaries and high-ranking officials designated by the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to be part of his cabinet, go from happiness to euphoria because of the historical triumph, and to reality. The new Secretaries have been learning the organisms in detail, and many of them have realized the size of the challenge is bigger than what they expected. One of them is Senator Rocío Nahle, who will be in charge of the energetic policy during the Fourth Transformation's administration. To begin, Rocío has the urgent assignment to start the oil rescue one the next administration begins. We're told that the President-elect has given her detailed instructions to build a refinery in Dos Bocas and to begin with tenders for oil wells, just for starters.

López Obrador's Santa Claus sack

We're told that in the meeting with the Governors from Chiapas, Tabasco Quintana Roo, Yucatán, and Campeche, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Governors not only supported the construction of the Mayan Train, but some of them also took the opportunity to give him a list of requests. For example, the incoming and outgoing Chiapas Governors, Rutilio Escandón, and Manuel Velasco proposed the construction of a more direct path that communicates Palenque with Tuxtla Gutiérrez. We're told that AMLO left without making any promises. How big is AMLO's sack? Because everyone who sees him, asks for something.

Hidalgo year at the Senate?

We're told that Ricardo Monreal, Morena's coordinator in the Senate, who's also President of the Political Coordination Board, has given instructions to sign an order to carry out an audit, not only to inspect the severance pay process of some employees, but also inspect that all the assets and properties are where they belong. We're told that Mr. Ricardo doesn't want any loose end. The question going around in the Senate, and will be answered after the audit, is if the Senate carried out the so-called “año de Hidalgo”, that is when the outgoing administration spends every cent of their budget.


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