The issues inside the police

None of the 32 states grant police officers 100% of the six basic work benefits

The issues inside the police
Police officers are severely underpaid - Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes/EL UNIVERSAL
English 20/11/2018 09:24 Mexico City Newspaper Leader Actualizada 09:25

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In regards to security, the police are the closest link to the population. The patrolling and rounds they carry out throughout the streets and municipalities across the country should encourage a sense of protection.

Nevertheless, these corporations are often the weakest in the fight against insecurity, without the necessary equipment or constant training. In 2018, 326 police officers have been murdered and their deaths haven't been punished.

According to information published by EL UNIVERSAl today, the phenomenon doesn't have to do with any ruling party, it happens in every state but five regions concentrate almost half of the murders: 60 in Guanajuato, 30 in the State of Mexico, 32 in Guerrero, 27 in Puebla, and 22 in Veracruz.

In Veracruz the cases are perfectly targeted: 15 out of 22 murders took place in the Amatlán municipality; 7 of them died while trying to restore order during a prison riot. The tragic result can't be anything else but the evidence of the lack of training to face this type of situations.

This along with poor salaries and scarce benefits police officers receive. None of the 32 states grant 100% of the six basic work benefits: housing credit, medical insurance, savings fund, life insurance, and scholarships for their children.

Also, police officers' basic salaries are over MXN $9,933 only in 19 states; in the other 23 states, they earn less than that.

During Enrique Peña Nieto's presidency, the issue of police deterioration was discussed and acknowledged by federal authorities, experts, and civic organizations. During this period, the police's story can be summed up like this: they tried to professionalize the corporations and apply reliance evaluation, but the success was scarce. Cases of full intervention and police disarming prevailed, for being linked to criminal groups. The rest of the police corporations were abandoned.

Police officers carry out their duties with numerous inadequacies. The police don't deserve another six years of indifference.