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Woman was raped after Mexican authorities sent her to a male prison
One and a half year after the incident, authorities will investigate the case
Guerreros Unidos, a drug trafficking organization, wreaks havoc in Guerrero, Mexico
In recent weeks, violence and homicides increased in Iguala, Tepecoacuilco, Cocula, Huitzuco, and Taxco
COVID-19: Mexicans abroad tell their stories from ground zero
On January 30, the World Health Organization declared that the coronavirus epidemic in China constitutes a public health emergency of international concern
The Last Resource: Forsaken by the government,vigilantes train children to fight Mexican drug cartels
For long, the Rincón de Chautla community in Guerrero has been trying to get assistance by the Mexican government to no success
Jalisco investigates heavy pollution in Santiago river
Jalisco has launched an investigation to determine the source of heavy metals and organic matter polluting a river that feeds what was once a spectacular waterfall
Double infanticide Diego Santoy’s case to be reopened
Diego Santoy Riveroll is imprisoned in Cadereyta for the double murder of the Peña Coss children and other crimes related to the event that shocked Mexico in 2006
Mexico’s government claims illegal migration to the U.S. has dropped
Mexico’s Foreign Minister said the number of migrants returned to Mexico to await the outcome of U.S. immigration cases has fallen significantly, although activists said large numbers of people remain in the program
Banxico cuts interbank rate for fifth time in a row
Headline inflation, the inflation outlook, greater economic slack, and the recent behavior of external and domestic yield curves were taken into account in Banxico’s decision to lower the rate
No way out: Central American migrants are increasingly exposed to extreme violence in Mexico
According to Doctors Without Borders, Central American migrants are being kidnapped, raped and trafficked in Mexico as they seek to enter the United States
Frida Kahlo denounced femicide in one of her paintings in 1935
English In the last decades, femicide and gender violence have shown an alarming increase in Mexico
Gallery won't proceed against Avelina Lesper for destroying art piece
English Galería OMR said that Gabriel Rico’s contemporary art piece is damaged beyond repair
Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón to share narration secrets in Guadalajara conference
English The Mexican filmmakers will be part of the 2020 Congress of the AMPAG
Isaac Hernández and the English National Ballet to haunt Mexico with “Giselle”
English The Mexican ballet dancer will visit Mexico with Akram Khan’s acclaimed version of "Giselle"
The American Dirt controversy highlights diversity issues in the book industry
English Jeanine Cummins' American Dirt is putting pressure on publishers to address diversity issues
The Cave of the Stalagmite Temple, part of an underground network of archeological sites in Quintana Roo
English There are over 150 caves in the area that contain some kind of archeological vestige
Mexican artist Javier Arévalo passes away
English Javier Arévalo’s work is an important referent in Mexican contemporary plastic arts
American Dirt draws attention to authentic Chicano and Latinx literature
English Many Latinxs took to social media to criticize the novel by Jeanine Cummins for its stereotypes
Controversial art critic Avelina Lésper is accused of destroying $20K art piece
English Muralist Pavel Égüez said the art critic didn’t touch the piece and that it suddenly exploded
Mexican student to participate in international ballet competition in London
English Kenya Cassandra Díaz Martínez will compete at the Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition
Mexican girl is recognized as outstanding young innovator
English Xóchitl, who is from Chiapas, created Warm Barh, a solar water heater made from recycled objects
UNAM scientists discover new sea species in Cozumel
English UNAM experts calculate this new sea species arrived at its Quintana Roo cave 4 billion years ago
Ballet dancer Isaac Hernández seeks to reinvent creative industries in Mexico
English Isaac Hernández founded the Mexico Creative Industries Federation to support culture and talent
The country will slip away an hour before midnight from the club it joined in 1973, moving into the transition period that preserves membership in all but name until the end of this year