Police incompetence

This Sunday, images were shared online, where Mexico City's police officers are seen involved in abuse against the alleged inhabitants of San Juan Ixhuatepec

Police incompetence
Police officers at San Juanico, State of Mexico - Photo: Armando Monroy/EL UNIVERSAL
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In Mexico City, the relationship between the police and society has been damaged for years. The behavior of some police officers has affected the image of the whole corporation. In July, a video of Mexico City's police officers beating a woman was shared on social media. In August, other police officers shot and killed a driver who didn't stop for at a breathalyzer checkpoint. Those are just a few examples of the most renown cases.

This Sunday, images were shared online, which weren't denied by the authorities, where Mexico City's police officers are seen involved in abuses against the alleged inhabitants of San Juan Ixhuatepec, an area outside Mexico City's jurisdiction, but of the State of Mexico, during a chase to arrest people accused of theft. In the video, the officers can be seen beating a man who is laying on the floor and kicking a door open.

Mexico City's police say that after receiving a report of a theft at a gas station, they proceeded against the alleged criminals, who then crossed into the State of Mexico, but neighbors started attacking the agents to prevent the detention of the alleged criminals. Can they guarantee the investigation, to determine where responsibility lies, will be impartial?

Since 2016, the country has been on a quest to shift paradigms in the administration of justice, eradicating arbitrary detentions, and police abuse or the fabrication of culprits based on torture. What happened in San Juanico, as well as other events that have been documented this year, give a hint of the long way left to go to place human rights in the first place. Or they haven't trained the police to act within the new normativity or what has been taught isn't applied.

When there is an excessive use of force, at that moment, the fact that the detainees are linked to criminal acts or not is of little importance. The abuse scene is what will prevail and will be used as a trigger for the issue to escalate to the level of a social protest, as it happened with the roadblock of the México-Pachuca highway, which lasted 20 hours.

The population wishes the police fought against crime, but by adhering to the protocols that don't involve the violation of human rights. That is the only demand. If it was fulfilled, the delivery of justice would have a new face.


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