Impunity for the misogynist Senator

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Impunity for the misogynist Senator
The PAN Senator made vulgar comments about a woman in a chat- Photo: Ivan Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL
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Impunity for the misogynist Senator

Some PAN members have stopped being standard sinners, they also stopped pissing holy water, as the PAN founder, Manuel Gómez Morín, used to say, to turn into Whatsapp perverts. This is the case of the Senator Ismael García Cabeza de Vaca, who was caught chatting about a woman's physical attributes with friends, during a Senate session. But there won't be consequences for Mr. Mayito, no punishments or fines because he has political exemption, and the PAN's leadership, directed by Marcelo Torres Cofiño, says there's no crime to be prosecuted. Well, we're told he won't even be scolded for using his time at work to exchange vulgar and misogynist messages. Everything points at the fact that the “pornochat Senator” is on his way to impunity.

Another casualty at San Lázaro

A new casualty is about to take place in San Lázaro's administrative area. Now, we're told, it's Carlos Olson San Vicente's turn, the Congress's Administrative and Financial Services Minister, who will resign this week. Just last week, the general secretary, Mauricio Farah, announced his resignation, as well as the Parliamentary Services secretary, Juan Carlos Delgadillo, who backed down and will stay in his position after having a meeting with the Political Coordination Board, led by Mario Delgado, another Morena member. We're told that Mr. Mario convinced Mr. Juan Carlos, who is in charge of a highly specialized area.

Peña Nieto's goodbye

President Peña Nieto went through a couple of hardships during his last participation at a Pacific Alliance's panel, in New York, which he settles with a couple of jokes. At the beginning of the panel, the master of ceremonies didn't introduce the Mexican leader and the President said laughing: “I did attend, I'm not leaving just yet”. The presenter returned to announced the Mexican's participation. Later, Luis Alberto Moreno, IADB's president, asked the Peruvian Martín Vizcarra to let Peña Nieto talk during the second round of interventions, as he was leaving soon. The President said that he still had time, which prompted laughter among attendees. At the end of the encounter, Sebastián Piñera, from Chile, remembered how he met Peña Nieto in Chile when the Mexican was President-elect: he arrived at his home quite late, accompanied by his “charming wife”, and with several tequila bottles. They said their goodbyes yesterday.

The PES lost the Culture Commission

We're told that the case about the commissions that were to be led by the PES made the rounds on social media, where the hashtag “#MorenaNoLeFallesALaCultura” (Morena, don't abandon culture) turned into a trending topic. Artists and activists joined the cause on Twitter, where they called on Morena's Congress coordinator, Mario Delgado, to listen to the communities' demands and take the Culture Commission from the conservative party. One of the most outstanding hashtags was the one used by Edith González, who wrote “Dear Mario Delgado, the artistic community demands to be heard. Please, listen to us! #MorenaNoLeFallesALaCultura”. In the end, it seems like they were heard.