The importance of cooperation

Cooperation between the outgoing and incoming governments, as well as the Congress and Senate, will be key for areas such as public security

The importance of cooperation
Cooperation between all government levels will be key for areas such as security – Photo: File Photo/ EL UNIVERSAL
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The country's electoral and political map radically changed after the July 1st election. The changes will materialize, in different dates, in municipalities and states, as well as in the Congress and in the Presidency. In less than five months the new structure will become a reality.

During this period, called transition, the current and next governments will start their approaches for the take over of power, which shouldn't mean a decrease in governance actions. For example, public security is an area where they can't lower the guard, not even for a minute.

The country has been facing violence for a very long time, derived from the conflicts between rival drug cartels. Every time the deployment of a federal operation is announced, they highlight that there will be coordination between the different government levels. The poor results seem to prove that said coordination is not completely achieved...or that it never took place.

The cooperation between the different states and municipalities' offices should be a common practice, but it doesn't always take place. For example, the drug dealing and violence that dominates the country's capital, as well the State of Mexico's metropolitan area, should have sparked coordinated actions to fight crime a long time ago. In Mexico City, where the current security situation is not at its best, the announcement of the Public Safety Secretariat chief's resignation (it will be effective on July 31st) shouldn't trigger a decrease in the level of cooperation with their counterparts from neighboring states or considered that the doors are now closed, as it happens in other government levels.

Among the legislative areas, the atmosphere is that of drawing the curtains. In estate and federal Congresses, a virtual paralysis dominates. We have previously discussed the vultures' (lawmakers) interest in coming back to the Chamber and the Senate, although their offices are being renovated and a lot of the staff has been fired. It's also been mentioned that the resources for the reconstruction of the damaged buildings in the capital, after the September 2017 earthquake, are stuck because of the inactivity in Mexico City's Legislative Assembly.

Although different offices are on their way out, their full attention is required, as well as the involvement of those who will take over their positions.

The Federal Government, who will take office on December 1st, is currently working on different topics, to start applying clearly defined actions that very first day. Fortunately, security is one of them.

The next governing party will be a majority in most of the state congresses and in several important cities. It is expected, initially, that there is an effective collaboration in regards to security. If it's not now, when?


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