A gray 2019

Despite the efforts implemented several decades ago, preventing pollution is not a priority for a large part of society

A gray 2019
Toluca, State of Mexico - Photo: Jorge Alvarado/EL UNIVERSAL
English 02/01/2019 09:14 Mexico City Editorial Actualizada 09:14

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Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara, the three main cities in the country, began 2019 under a thick gray layer and with environmental contingencies. The photos published in this edition are telling. The problem is the evidence of several issues, but the lack of environmental consciousness in society is perhaps the most serious one.

Despite the efforts implemented several decades ago, including teaching classes related to the environment in basic education, as well as the creation of government departments to promote environmental protection, everything indicates that for a large part of society, preventing pollution is not a priority.

It would be useless to argue that this situation is present only as part of the parties during New Year's Eve. A few hours are enough to damage health, especially the most vulnerable: children and the elderly.

If environmental education was truly implemented, the possibility of cities going through environmental contingencies would decrease. In Mexico City, the emergency lasted until Wednesday.

During Christmas, a similar situation took place in Mexico City, the phase 1 of the contingency was implemented, but it wasn't used as an example to develop a plan to avoid more contingencies the following week.

Authorities need to implement preventive measures but also to eradicate “traditions” such as lighting bonfires and the indiscriminate use of fireworks, although the majority are banned. This is one of the issues that pollutes these three cities.

The clandestine sale of fireworks increases the number of fires and accidents during the holidays. In the last six years, 161 explosions were registered in firework workshops all over the country. Also, last Sunday, EL UNIVERSAL documented another 11, a total of 172 explosions, there were deaths in 72 of those explosions.

Directly affecting the environment impacts everyone because it damages health. With the contingencies registered during the first days of 2019, it's become clear that environmental care is a pending issue for Mexico.