14 | NOV | 2019
The Government's incompetence
Victims of hurricane Willa haven't received enough help - Photo: Ángel Hernández/EFE

The Government's incompetence

Mexico City
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The period before and after hurricanes and earthquakes is useful to evaluate the government's performance

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When the government doesn't fulfill the tasks it was created for, it is because it has been overtaken because of its incompetence, neglect or deliberate wrong-doing, that usually translates into corruption.

In theory, the government has the means and infrastructure to care for millions of people and fulfill its main purpose: order and peace for the population, as well as always looking to achieve the common good.

Tragedies test institutions. For example, the period before and after hurricanes and earthquakes is useful to evaluate the government's performance.

Today EL UNIVERSAL published that after the September 7 and 19 earthquakes, the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Development (Sedatu) was asked to conduct a census of victims, for the reconstruction program. The Federal Superior Auditor evaluated the actions; the result: the Ministry was unable to fulfill its mission.

The Federal Superior Auditor revealed that the Sedatu had to conduct a census in 720 municipalities in 9 states, that had the natural disaster declaration, but their tasks were incomplete.
Besides being incomplete, it included a municipality that hasn’t been declared in a state of emergency. In Puebla, they registered homes in San Sebastián Tlacotepec, instead of Tlacotepec de Benito Juárez. Also, they noticed that thousands of registers of homes had been duplicated.

In the face of accusations, the Ministry acknowledged that it didn't have the operative capacity to deal with the emergency, in regards to collecting data; it was overtaken by the magnitude of the disaster.

Why did the Sedatu acknowledge its incapacity and that the tragedy was too much for them only after the observations made by the Federal Superior Auditor? It should have announced it publicly so that other organisms could have helped. The list of beneficiaries was made with incomplete data, which makes it unreliable.

In times of need, the population hopes that the institutions help them and create the necessary conditions to go back to normality.

In the case of the conduction of the census, the inconsistencies found are a crack through where corruption acts can take place.

It is unfortunate to realize that during emergencies, the government can't fulfill its duty. If the government fails during those hours, thousands of people are condemned to lose a decent life.


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