Peña's BFF's wedding

Fran and Peña Nieto – Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/AP

Peña's BFF's wedding
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Peña's BFF's wedding

Last weekend, the head of the President's office, Francisco Guzmán, better known as Fran, got married. The party was attended by the PRI's downcast political class, and of course, President Enrique Peña Nieto. We're told that they set up a special table for the President. Peña Nieto was accompanied by Aurelio Nuño, José Narro Robles, Eruviel Ávila, José Antonio González Anaya, and René Juárez, the future PRI bench coordinator in Congress. In another table, far away, was Senator Emilio Gamboa and the party's former presidents, César Camacho and Enrique Ochoa Reza, who seemed quite gloomy and away from the spotlight. Fran, needless to say, has become one of the President's closest aides.

High-risk replacement at the PAN

In the dispute for the PAN's presidency, we're told by some PAN members, that not only is the party's leadership at stake, but the PAN's survival itself. We're told that the succession has turned into a high-risk case for the PAN's future. They claim that until now, there's no one who's accepted by the internal groups that are looking to take over the party's leadership. They say that, in the PAN's current situation, it's required that the national leader is someone who has no further political aspirations, that is, someone that doesn't see the party's presidency as a step to obtain a candidacy. Also, it's desirable that the contender has a good dialogue with the PRI, with the purpose to create a bigger counterbalance against Morena, as it'll be a devastating majority. And to make matters worse, they say, they will have to deal with a party with a low budget, and with an MXN $200 million debt; they'll be forced into austerity. Under this criteria, they point out, none of those mentioned to lead the party fill in all the requirements. Is there someone who will?

“I haven't even gotten there”, says Romo

Alfonso Romo, the future head of the President's office, considers that there's no conflict of interests in Andrés Manuel López Obrador's visit this weekend to one of his company, Agromod, to learn about the production of tropical plants. Mr. Andrés Manuel carried out this visit as part of his project to plant 2471053.81 acres of fruit and wood trees in the south. After leaving the virtual President-elect's office, where AMLO and Romo held a meeting Romo said that they only visited the company and that there can't be a conflict of interest, as he's not a “public servant yet, I haven't even gotten there”. The businessman is right, but after December 1st, and if he agrees to take the position, his company will be clearly banned from participating in the project.

AMLO's 6+ year-term

Andrés Manuel López Obrador is the one who doesn't want to waste a minute of what will be his six-year-plus-a-couple-of-months- term. We're told that before traveling to Ciudad Juárez, Mr. Andrés Manuel left precise instruction for his transition team: on Wednesday, once the Electoral Tribunal grants him the certificate that confirms him as President-elect, everyone has to get in touch with those in the current administration to officially start with the transition. We're told that Mr. Andrés Manuel's instruction has the purpose, immediately, to know the state of every federal office and to do a cash audit. This actions, they point out, are part the decisions he has taken and made public about his cabinet, key officials and even ambassadors.