Femicides and impunity

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, it is outrageous to learn that impunity reigns in the majority of femicide cases in Mexico

Femicides and impunity
Femicide has been on the rise in Mexico – Photo: Carlos Jasso/REUTERS
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Today, the world, in contrast with the remarkable developments in art, science, and humanities, continues to be a hostile, unsafe, and unequal place for women.

Violence against women and girls, unfortunately, is still a global phenomenon that doesn't have social, economic or national limits, it affects women of all ages and shows how far we are from living in equal, open, tolerant, respectful societies, despite the great efforts made, although insufficient. Being a woman, as half of humanity, supposes a vulnerability and disadvantage condition in life.

And today, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a very important day in our sexist country, it is outrageous to learn that, after and despite years of fighting for the full acknowledgment of the rights of women and against all forms of violence against them, fights that resulted in laws, impunity reigns in the majority of femicide cases in Mexico.

But not only impunity. In the opinion of experts interviewed by this newspaper, indolence seems to also be a characteristic in our authorities, especially in regards to sex-based crimes, such as femicide.

According to information obtained by EL UNIVERSAL through transparency requests, there are 244 alleged murderers in Mexico, who haven't arrested since 2011, even when there are arrest warrants issued against them. Since 2011, 661 arrest warrants have been issued for femicides, and only 417 have been fulfilled.

In the face of this numbers, which suggests negligence and disdain from authorities in cases of sexist violence, the demand in, firstly, to fulfill all the pending arrest warrants against the alleged murderers, but also doing something from the justice institutions, so that prejudices, actions or omissions are no longer perpetuated in cases of violence against women, that endanger the life and integrity of thousands of Mexican women.

If we really want to end impunity and bring peace to our country, the focus on gender should be present in every government instance.



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