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According to Puebla's Constitution, the local Congress will have to appoint an acting Governor, then organize new elections

Facts only
Alonso and Moreno Valle's funeral – Photo: Imelda Medina/REUTERS
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The death of distinguished political figures, such as the Puebla Governor, Martha Erika Alonso and her husband, Rafael Moreno Valle, the PAN's coordinator in the Senate, inevitably raises doubts and political analysis; but the need of explanations shouldn't tempt us to publicly speculate about the possible causes behind the tragedy without the necessary facts.

Whatever the cause of the crash of the helicopter where Alonso and Moreno were traveling, we have to understand it is impossible to make reliable technical findings in a few days. Previous aviation tragedies, such as the ones where the Internal Affairs Ministers Juan Camilo Mouriño and Francisco Blake died, were solved a year after the investigations began.

A clear example is the plane crash in the Java Sea that took place last October, with 188 passengers aboard. This is one of the most tragic accidents in the last years. Two months after the crash, the investigators still haven't revealed what happened; only fragments of a puzzle are known, a puzzle that will probably be solved in 2019.

It's not enough to visit the place where the helicopter crashed to establish a cause. Experts from all over the world will take part; the manufacturing company is inquired; the aircraft's record is gathered; experts analyze pieces that are scattered into thousands of fragments.

Until last night, some answers were known: no explosives were found in the helicopter and that the aircraft collapsed headlong. Valuable information, but not enough to learn the cause of the crash.

Political forces and the federal government made a call not to speculate about the tragedy has a logic that goes beyond the possible specific responsibilities. Puebla was recently involved in a post-electoral conflict that generated polarization between the citizens. What the government doesn't need during this time is to add discord after an aircraft crash where the causes haven't been established.

According to Puebla's Constitution, the local Congress will have to appoint an acting Governor, then organize new elections if the Legislative branch in the state decides to. Adding conspiracy elements to this breeding ground of social and political confrontation won't benefit anyone, especially the inhabitants of Puebla.



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