Exceptions to the maximum wage?

Should there be exceptions so that some public servants are able to earn a higher salary than the President?

Exceptions to the maximum wage?
PEMEX's officials will earn more than the President - Photo: Moises Pablo/CUARTOSCURO.COM
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One of Andrés Manuel López Obrador's campaign promises was that no one would earn more than the President was approved as a law in the Federal Remunerations Law; it only needs to be published in the Official Gazette, the executive branch has 30 days to publish it since last Thursday.

In PEMEX, the legal area informed its general directors that the maximum salary of MXN $108,000 doesn't apply to the state-owned company, as the Constitution grants it a different remunerations scheme, therefore the article 27 doesn't apply to them. Currently, PEMEX's director earns a gross salary of MXN $220,000 per month; the professional counselors earn MXN $179,000, and the assistant directors earn MXN 172,000.

In the Bank of Mexico, public servants with a long trajectory are retiring early, fearing that their pensions will be affected by an eventual adjustment in the central bank, to get in line with the incoming administration's austerity program.

Should there be exceptions in some sectors in public administration so that some public servants are able to earn a higher salary than the President?

The flexibility of these issues in some specific sectors of public administration should, at least, be analyzed.

In some areas in PEMEX and the Bank of Mexico, there are experts who started in smaller positions, and their current position is the product of their constant work. Their talent is even recognized in other countries, and they are even asked to collaborate with international organisms.

The critiques towards the so-called golden bureaucracy were their salaries. What was widely criticized was, among many other things, the use of planes for personal trips, the use or armored luxury cars, bodyguards, a large number of assistants, special bonuses, large benefits, assignation of constructions without participating in bids, etc.

It would be ideal if the federal government found a balance between experienced personnel, who doesn't have to anticipate their retirement due to fear, and young people who have the certainty that they can build a career to serve the country, in areas such as energy, economy, or health, at the same time, that their contributions are recognized financially. That is, without abuse or squandering.


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