20 | NOV | 2019
Elba Esther's revenge
Elba Esther Gordillo is back – Photo: Saul López /CUARTOSCURO.COM

Elba Esther's revenge

Mexico City
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Elba Esther's revenge

We're told that Luis Castro, the PANAL president, is feeling down, which by the way will disappear soon, as it didn't reach 3% of the votes during the July 1st election. They explain that since Elba Esther Gordillo was released from prison, her followers are watching him closely, as they point him as one of those who supported the federal government to send her to prison. They point out that Mr. Luis, for the moment, hasn't wanted to talk to the press, and is busy preparing to minimize a possible attack from Gordillo's supporters. We have to remember, we're told, that it was Mrs. Elba Esther's family who brought him from Spain and they said he was one of the most promising members of his generation. Today, they claim, that he is seen as a dark and disloyal character that played along with Gordillo's enemies. Will his current allies protect him from a possible revenge from professor Gordillo?

AMLO's blessing in Congress

We're told that in Morena, the fight for the Deputies' coordination is in full force between Mario Delgado and Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, who seems to have Rocío Nahle's support, the former coordinator, and the incoming Energy Secretary. They point out that both Morena members have enough credentials to take the position and lead the bench, what is still unknown is which one has the future president's “blessing”. We're told that Andrés Manuel López Obrador's support “could be of help” to the chosen one. We will learn the answer in a couple of days.

Gil can't reach an agreement with governors

We're told that the members of the Acción Nacional Governors' Assembly (Goan) are considering nominating the Senator Héctor Larios as their party's presidential candidate, instead of Roberto Gil. This is because, in the surveys, they have carried out, the so-called “rebel” is not approved by 3 out of 7 governors. One of them is Martín Orozco, from Aguascalientes, who by the way, didn't attend the National Council, and who through the distance, criticized the new PAN's Electoral Commission President, Ceci Romero, through social media: “From Ceci (Romero) to Ricardo (Anaya), the same picture”, he wrote. A message he later deleted.

Ochoa is training for San Lázaro

The one who reappeared is the former PRI president, Enrique Ochoa Reza, who is getting ready to arrive at the Chamber of Deputies. Ochoa met with international experts this weekend. He was in his alma mater, Columbia University in New York, to set a work agenda with the Economy Nobel Prize, Joseph Stiglitz. We're told that the topics they discussed were in relation to the development of the energy sector, and the creation of jobs. The PRI member, they say, was also interested in the issue of the necessary legislative changes needed for competition and transparency in the energy industry transform the service by implementing higher quality service and better prices for the users. The problem is that Mr. Enrique might be frustrated, as we will be full of ideas, but with Morena's overwhelming majority, his party will hardly be allowed to make their initiatives come true. We will see.


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