26 | JUN | 2019
The small “forgotten” detail in the consultation
The public consultation ended on Sunday – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

The small “forgotten” detail in the consultation

Mexico City
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The small “forgotten” detail in the consultation

The organizers of the public consultation regarding Mexico's new airport forgot a really important detail. We're told that they didn't prepare a privacy notice to give to thousands of people who participated in the exercise. The notice, we're told, is a mandatory requirement that is useful for citizens to have guarantees regarding their personal information, in this case, their voting registration code. We're that the National Transparency, Information Access, and Data Protection Institute is keeping an eye, in case any citizen feels their rights have been violated and files a complaint. A small, but relevant detail, they explain.

New legislators, old habits

We're told that the new legislators in Congress and the Senate have already begun to misbehave. They explain that they tend to miss the sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. Regardless of it being an appearance or an ordinary session, the new legislators leave after the roll call. In the face of the current situation, the presidents of both chambers, Martí Batres and Muñoz Ledo, from Morena, have begun to scold them and call the roll again, to see if there's quorum. The thing is that the absence is from the majority, that is, Morena. What about change?

Changes at the PRD

The PRD began its re-founding forums with the wrong foot. In the absence of diagnosis about their overwhelming electoral loss, which seems to be a taboo issue for the party, let's add the poor response to the discussions about the party's future. Almost in the dark, in a hotel in Mexico City, nothing like the public squares or university venues, as it used to be. The PRD members met with academics on Saturday, and they didn't even know their names. According to the statement, Santiago Castillo Nieto, who according to the PRD is a “former INE counselor” and a university professor, attended the meeting. Mr. Santiago Nieto Castillo actually was the head of the Special Prosecutor's Office for Electoral Crimes (FEPADE), from the PGR. The changes the PRD will make to alleviate their current situation are still unknown, but in the meantime, it already changed the name and resume of the former Prosecutor.

The cardinal, a new mystery

If the case of armed man attacking the house of the cardinal Norberto Rivera, last Saturday night, needed more mystery, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico called for an urgent press conference to discuss the events that took place at Rivera Carrera's home, where a police officer who was protecting the cardinal died during the attack. In theory, the press conference was going to take place yesterday, after the noon mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral ended, but a few hours earlier, at midnight, it was announced that it would be postponed without further detail or a new date. Up to now, the Archdiocese of Mexico has lamented the events and the death of the police officer and has asked not to spread rumors about the events and to wait for the authorities to conclude the investigation. Nevertheless, what they were going to announce and why they canceled the press conference are a mystery now.


Business leaders worried about Mexico's new airport

As the public consultation regarding the new airport ends today, the business elite is worried about the outcome
Business leaders worried about Mexico's new airportBusiness leaders worried about Mexico's new airport


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