Crisis at the ISSSTE

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Crisis at the ISSSTE
The ISSTE has yet to settle its debts - Photo: Juan Villa/EL UNIVERSAL
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Crisis at the ISSSTE

Luis Antonio Ramírez Pineda, the head of the ISSSTE, must be going through a rough time because the institution has been in getting in trouble. We've been told that the ISSTE has yet to settle its debts with distributors, also, there is no budget to pay and hire contracted services. Patients in Durango, Yucatán, and Veracruz have been affected by the lack of resources. We've been told that in Gómez Palacio, the family members of patients who require hemodialysis have launched online campaigns and will protest outside the clinics to demand that the ISSSTE doesn't cancel the treatments. Meanwhile, in Yucatán, the ISSSTE beneficiaries have reported the suspension of osteosynthesis treatments and in Veracruz, patients are being taken to private hospitals for neurology tests. Ramírez Pineda is going to end up at the hospitals on of these days if the crisis doesn't stop. Unfortunately, there have been tragic cases where not even the ISSSTE directors are properly treated.

Scientists raise their voices

We've been told that a group called @ProCienciaMx, formed by researchers and academics from different universities, research centers, the Cinvestav, and national health institutes, will send a letter to President López Obrador, where they will explain that there has been “an increasing lack of trust from a part (sic) of the political class” towards science as an element for progress. The scientists claim that politicians have created an image of research and teaching as “participants and beneficiaries of excess, corruption, and squandering,” something they consider as a “huge mistake in public policy, as well as a development strategy.” Will the President pay attention or will he tell them not to waste their time?

Catfight at the PRI

During the first debate among the contenders to the PRI presidency, the public took the stage. Although it was agreed that there would be no signs of support for any candidate, the public couldn't help it and supporters of Ivonne Ortega and Alejandro Moreno started a feud. Now, the PRI will analyze the rules for the second debate: if it will be open to the public or not. In regards to the contenders, they exchanged accusations, so perhaps when the internal election is over, those who lose won't be able to stay in the party and have a friendly relationship with the new party leader.

Will the President clash with the judges?

President López Obrador asked the Presidency's Legal Advisor, Julio Scherer Ibarra, and Mario Delgado, Morena's coordinator in the lower chamber, to analyze the amparos granted by the Judiciary to avoid the Remunerations Law, which establishes that no public servant can earn more than the President. We've been told that the President is not looking to start a fight with the Supreme Court, but rather to reform the current law or present a new bill so that the salaries earned by judges are not higher than the President's. Nevertheless, the President's message could be interpreted as a punishment for the judges who grant amparos to the opposition. Will the President and the Judiciary clash?


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