COVID-19: IPN develops specialized masks and ventilators

The IPN could also produce soap, hand sanitizer, disinfecting substances, and cleaning supplies

COVID-19: IPN develops specialized masks and ventilators for Mexico's fight against coronavirus
Mexico expects 10,500 ICU patients during the pandemic - Photo: Taken from IPN's website
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The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) is working in the creation of mechanical ventilators, specialized masks, and face masks for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The IPN has made progress in the design of the development of mechanical ventilators due to the lack of other similar equipment; currently, they are working in two kinds of ventilators: invasive and non-invasive.

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Invasive ventilators are in trials for being used in serious COVID-19 cases and they will be made through 3D printing. As soon as they are validated, the IPN will make available an open code for them to be produced in any place that has this technology; the institution has the capacity to produce up to 90 ventilators.

Regarding the manufacturing of mechanical non-invasive ventilators (BPAP) whose purpose is to offer a temporary solution to the lack of other equipment and allow better use of invasive ventilators. The prototypes will be ready for clinical trials next weekend.

They are also working in the production of masks with the application of nanotechnological processes with COVID-19 anti-viral nanoparticles by the Informatics Research Center of the IPN.

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“This device could be more effective than the masks that are commonly used by healthcare workers. For the protection of hospital workers, once the trials are concluded, [the IPN] could deliver up to 50,000 pieces every day with the help of the productive sector,” said the institution.

In addition, there other initiatives in process, such as the preliminary diagnosis and the clinical diagnosis via telephone, conventional masks, or the fabrication of screens for the protection of medical staff.

Moreover, in case of serious shortage, they could elaborate soap, hand sanitizer, disinfecting substances, and cleaning supplies with germicides.

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