Quarrel at Conacyt

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Quarrel at Conacyt
The Conacyt supports scientists and scholars – Photo: Lucía Godinez/EL UNIVERSAL
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Uproar at Conacyt

Dr. María Elena Álvarez-Buylla Roces was hit by reality twice, after she sent a document to the Conacyt, where she asks the current administration to stop the calls for scholarships, because of the 2019 budget. The future head of the Science and Technology National Council (Conacyt) was severely criticized by the scientific community and on social media, by trying to make decisions she isn't entitled to, in any case, she can make suggestions during the transition process. But the most complicated part, which also sparked off the uproar, was when she complained about the “leak” of the document was done by someone who currently works at Conacyt and for the “interpretation” done on social media. There's no doubt, we're told, that María Elena has a lot to learn in regards to public service. Well, she will take office soon and the budget proposal for 2019 is on the works.

The prodigal son is back at the PRD

Michoacán's Governor is wearing his yellow tie again. Yesterday, Silvano Aureoles posed with the PRD's president, Manuel Granados, as well as some of the most distinguished PRD members. We're told that the demands to kick Silvano out of the PRD were left behind after he didn't support the PAN-PRD-MC candidate, Ricardo Anaya. But Anaya lost, and the PRD needs unity and therefore, the prodigal son has gone back home.

Discouragement at the Presidential Guard

We're told that at the headquarters of the Presidential Guard, sadness and uncertainty are setting in. Less than two months before Andrés Manuel López Obrador takes office, they see the extinction of the elite group in charge of taking care of the President and their family as imminent. We're told that the sadness is becoming evident is starting to show even in the midst of the strength and rigor of the Presidential Guard, in their everyday tasks, such as the protection of strategic places like Los Pinos, the Presidential hangar, or the Campo Marte. High-ranking officials at the Presidential Guard say that they notice more and more sadness among officials and troops.

Anger against Padierna

The PRI was angry at the Vice President at Congress' Directive Board, Dolores Padierna (Morena), after what she said after the Finance Minister, José Antonio González Anaya, audience. We're told that the PRI members claim that Mrs. Dolores violated the Congress' law, as they consider that her intervention was made on a personal level, through “subjective appreciations and critiques against the summon”, and that that is “inappropriate for the Presidency, as according to the law, this character must represent unity in Congress”. They claim that Padierna was working as the President, as the Congress' President, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, wasn't in attendance. They point that the congresswoman said: “I'm talking in the name of my parliamentary group, which is the majority.” Which, according to the PRI members, is illegal, as the Congress' Organic Law forces the Congress' leader to act out impartially.


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