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Complaining to AMLO
AMLO has been receiving complains about gas prices – Photo: Sáshenka Gutiérrez/EFE

Complaining to AMLO

Mexico City
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Complaining to AMLO

We're told that some of Morena- PES-PT's elected congressmen and senators made a respectfully but sincere complain to Andrés Manuel López Obrador because he won't reduce gas prices. In a private meeting, the elected legislators were upset because, during his campaign, López Obrador said that he would lower gas prices, and now he says they will rise on par with inflation. The defense argument is, they explained, that the promise was not to implement huger rises or disproportionate increases in the prices. Nevertheless, the elected legislators are worried because many of them promised their supporters to lower gas prices.

Manuel Velasco, a new green-Moreno?

Chiapas' Governor, Manuel Velasco, has secured his future with a seat in the Senate. This Wednesday, the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Federation Power dismissed the last contestation against him, to prevent him from being nominated through party-list proportional representation to the Senate. We're told that the magistrates, unanimously, voted to dismiss the appeal because they consider that it has been discussed in other resolutions, also, the plaintive, Horacio Culebro, lacks the legal interest to appeal the nomination, because it doesn’t affect him. Nevertheless, we're told that Mr. Manuel's political future is not just tied to his Senate seat, but some think that although he lost his State against Morena, and that he could turn into an important ally for Andrés Manuel López Obrador's government.

Layda Sansores' big surprise

Surprise!. That seems what Layda Sansores, Morena, told his fellow Congress of the Union Permanent Committee members. What happened? Mrs. Layda informed the plenary session of her desire to return to her seat after winning Álvaro Obregón mayor's office, the announcement took everyone by surprise, including her substitute, Carmen Ojesto Martínez Porcayo, who she stripped off her chance to cash in the last two months of the food aid she was to receive this weekend. From now on, we're told, the Senate's administrative services will only be in charge of the preparations and reception of the elected legislators. There won't be any more surprises!

Sánchez Cordero organizes her team

We're told that the retired magistrate, Olga Sánchez Cordero, who was designated by Andrés Manuel López Obrador as the next Secretary of the Interior, is organizing her work team and Jorge Alcocer Villanueva has been integrated, he acted as her advisers' coordinator. Mr. Jorge will return to the Secretariat after working in President Ernesto Zedillo's administration as the deputy secretary of Political Development when Francisco Labastida was the Secretary of the Interior, but then he left his post to compete for the Presidency and Alcocer joined his campaign. For years, Jorge Alcocer was a member of left-wing parties and in 2006 he was called to participate in the transition team of President Felipe Calderón, PAN.


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