Coca-Cola closes distribution center in Mexico due to insecurity

Coca-Cola FEMSA has announced the indefinite closure of their distribution center in Guerrero due to violence and insecurity

Coca-Cola closes distribution center in Mexico due to insecurity
Products of The Coca-Cola Company – Photo: Seth Perlman File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 25/03/2018 15:08 Miguel Pallares Arturo de Dios Palma, Correspondent for EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 14:48
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Coca-Cola FEMSA has announced the indefinite closure of their operations in Altamirano City, Guerrero due to violence and insecurity.

According to official sources, the latest attack against the company happened yesterday, when an armed group attempted to throw Molotov cocktails and open fire at the facilities of the company – which had been operating in the area for 40 years.

The attack, according to official sources, was frustrated by agents of Mexico's Federal Police and none has been reported injured thus far. Nevertheless, this seems to have prompted Coca-Cola FEMSA's decision to close their distribution center.

“With the objective of preserving the integrity and security of our employees, Coca-Cola FEMSA has decided to cease its operations indefinitely, starting Friday, March 23rd, in Altamirano City, Guerrero. This decision was reached taking into consideration the safety of the over 160 employees working in our distribution center,” said the company through a statement.

The company added that “the lack of necessary conditions to operate efficiently and safely in this area of the state of Guerrero, as well as the recent and unjustified attacks towards one of one of our employees,” were the main reasons behind their decision.

Last Wednesday, Coca-Cola resumed its operations after a two-month suspension following extortion attempts and threats made by a criminal group which forced them to shut down the center temporarily.

According to the locals, the products bottled at the Altamirano plant were being sold at a higher price due to the difficulty the company had in distributing them.

With the closure of their facilities here, however, Coca-Cola has no other distribution center in the Tierra Caliente region.

Tierra Caliente – a region which includes certain areas of the states of MichGuanajuatojajuato, Guerrero and the State of Mexico – is one of the most violent regions in Mexico. According to official information, it is currently being disputed by four criminal organizations: The Michoacan Family Cartel, the Knights Templar Cartel, the Tequileros Cartel, and the United Warriors. The nine municipalities which comprise it do not have local police offices; its inhabitants are under the protection of state agents and the armed forces.


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