Mexican cinema is on the rise

In 2018, 74 million viewers enjoyed Mexican cinema through television, movie theaters, and various programs and festivals

Mexican cinema is on the rise
Pedro Infante, one of Mexico's biggest movie stars - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 18/11/2018 13:03 Notimex Mexico City Actualizada 13:04

Mexican cinema continues to rise, after having produced 184 feature films this year, in addition to gathering over 30 million attendees who enjoyed national films, reported the Mexican Film Institute (Imcine) in its annual balance.

Jorge Sánchez, the owner of Imcine, presented the 2018 results regarding production, distribution, screening, and public education.

The category of production increased the most, with 184 feature films, eight more than in the previous year.

He explained that the number of films supported by the government, through its different programs also increased, with 97 films, which led to greater private production.

He indicated that this year, 27 Mexican films benefited for distribution through Eficine and it is estimated that a total of 105 feature films were premiered in Mexico, 17 more than in 2018.

He emphasized that during this year, 74 million viewers have enjoyed Mexican cinema through television, movie theaters, and the various programs promoted by Imcine.

Sánchez also explained that he opted for digital platforms to strengthen the promotion and screening of Mexican films and currently participate in Plataforma Cinema Mexico, FilminLatino, Retina Latina, and Pantalla CACI.

Similarly, the Mexican Cinema in your City Week, the National Network of Audiovisual Poles, and several courses and workshops were offered.

He added that work was done on the restoration of part of the Institute's collection, specifically films produced between 1970 and 2000.