The mysterious ancient carved skulls

This is the first time the skulls will visit Mexico City

The mysterious ancient carved skulls
Carved skull - Photo: Taken from Museo Casa del Mendrugo's Website
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Four Pre-Hispanic carved skulls from Oaxaca and Puebla will be exhibited in Mexico City for the first time, in a temporary exhibition called “The Pre-Hispanic carved skulls.”

The exhibition is taking place at the Popular Art Museum (Museo de Arte Popular), during the Day of the Dead celebrations. The exhibition will be in Mexico City until November 25.


The pieces are considered as a national archeological treasure. They are part of 250 objects donated to the Casa del Mendrugo Foundation in 2011.

Walther Boelsterly, the museum director emphasized that the skulls have a relevant aesthetic, and are of great interest for Mexican culture and anthropologists.

Each skull has a story, for example, “The Lord that leaves” is a man between 35 and 50 years, a scene that commemorates the death of a governor is carved in his jaw, his hierarchy is implicit in the image.

The second skull is “The Lord of the iron fist”, his most important life experience is carved in his skull, as an epitaph that tells the story of his power, courage, and bravery.

Meanwhile, in “The Lord of corn” there are two characters, sitting in front of each other, who are in a meeting but can't reach an agreement; they fight and one of the losses, he is grabbed by the hair or headdress while who is given a message by the other character.

The last skull, “The bird-Lord” has a character with a flesh-less thorax, who is wearing a bird mask, adorned with feathers.


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