Looking for a capable Congress

Congress has turned into an obstacle for initiatives that could help improve the everyday lives of millions of Mexicans

Looking for a capable Congress
Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, the Chamber of Deputies' President – Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes /EL UNIVERSAL
English 05/09/2018 09:14 Mexico City Newspaper Leader Actualizada 09:17

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The 2017 Government Quality and Impact National Survey carried out by the Inegi, revealed that the institutions with the worst trust index are politic parties, with the last place, and the Congress and Senate as the second last. Less than 20% of those surveyed think they deserve some recognition.

This perception is not gratuitous. Quite frequently, Congress has turned into an obstacle for initiatives that could help improve the everyday lives of millions of Mexicans. The 63rd Legislature concluded its ordinary sessions on April 30, and left several matters unresolved; among them, the naming of the General and Anti-corruption Attorneys, the 18 magistrates of the Administrative Justice Federal Tribunal (TFJA), who will penalize serious administrative offenses in relation to corruption. They also had work left to do in regards to the reforms to the Federal Labor Law and in the Civil and Familiar Procedures National Code.

The citizen's rejection of lavishness and the lack of transparency if the use of public resources that characterize the Union Congress have also contributed, as well as their distancing from the population's urgent needs.

Last Saturday, the new Legislature began, it emerged from a movement that won the polls with an overwhelming majority, the result of a promise that involved doing things differently.

Nevertheless, the confrontation and disarray atmosphere, and the protests with which it started, forced the President-elect to make a call for harmony and the need to reach the agreements the country needs to achieve a national reconciliation. Porfirio Muñoz Ledo's leading the session in Congress has contributed to a certain atmosphere, although he had to defuse tensions among his troops, reminding them that “it's time for a national reconstruction, not of a choleric democracy”.

Intentions to end with squandering are noticeable, but their everyday commitment to revert the citizen's disapproval through their acts will be essential. For example, yesterday, the Senate began working without 43 absent legislators; if this happens during the first sessions, a difference with previous legislatures is not foreseen.

This country urgently needs legislators that give Congress its dignity back. If this generation doesn't achieve it, the last chance to mend the way will perhaps be lost.