Felipe Calderón's move

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Felipe Calderón's move
Rosario Ibarra was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 4 times - Photo: Fernando Llano/AP
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Felipe Calderón's move

Those who know him consider that former President Felipe Calderón's move, to announce his expected resignation from the PAN party before the results of the internal election were announced, was a move made by a chess player. We're told that the announcement was not only to steal the spotlight from Marko Cortés and keep get articles in media but also for the largest number of people who don't agree with the new leadership to migrate to the new party he will create. They say that it'll be very interesting to see the final numbers of the internal election and see what percentage voted against Cortés, because if Mr. Felipe gets 25 or 30% of the PAN members to decide to move to his party, the PAN will be in trouble and the former President would have a significant number of militants. So everything indicates that Calderón's retirement will have to wait for some time.

Is the Belisario Domínguez medal for Rosario Ibarra?

We are told that the incoming Minister of Energy, Rocío Nahle, is proposing that the Belisario Domínguez medal is granted to Rosario Ibarra de Piedra. They explain that during the past Legislature, Morena's wing in Congress proposed Ibarra de Piedra for the Eduardo Neri medal for three years but they never got support from the PRI or PAN, for the founder of the Workers' Revolutionary Party (PRT), which chose her as the presidential candidate for the 1982 election. We're told that Nahle, who still is a Senator representing Veracruz, will propose giving the medal to Mrs. Rosario, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times. They claim that if Andrés Manuel López Obrador won after three times trying, Rosario Ibarra could do it during her fourth try.

More technology, less scheming

While the Electoral Tribunal is deciding what is going to happen with the Puebla election, Puebla's mayor, Claudia Rivera Vivanco, isn't wasting her time in scheming. We're told that less than a month after she took office, Mrs. Claudia has met with executives from international companies such as AT&T and General Electric to discuss issues such as the improvement of public security and how to promote economy and save in administrative costs to benefit the inhabitants of her municipality. They explain that her goal, by meeting with technology companies, is that Puebla is considered as the first intelligent capital in Mexico. More technology and less scheming, we're told, is what is needed in the country.

Otálora's report

Tomorrow, the president-magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal, Janine Otálora, will present her work report before the Supreme Court ministers, and she has a lot to say in regards to certain topics. We're told that as a way to reinforce the Tribunal's commitment with open justice, the report will be interactive and will be shared online. They add that besides talking about the huge work carried out during the federal election, Mrs. Janine will highlight, among other things, the verdicts where they reached more equality, support to vulnerable groups, and the improvement of the quality of democracy.


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