26 | MAR | 2019
Businesspeople ask for help and are scolded instead
Martí Batres – Photo: Perla Miranda/EL UNIVERSAL

Businesspeople ask for help and are scolded instead

Mexico City
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Businesspeople ask for help and are scolded instead
It's evident that different times are coming, we're told that those who witnessed the “friendly” meeting between Senators, led by Martí Batres, the Senate's president, and business people, led by Juan Pablo Castañón, president of the Business Coordinating Council. The leaders of the private sector were worried about the 98th agreement of the International Labour Organization, ratified by the Senate. The response they got from the majority party in the Senate was of complaints because of the low wages they pay Mexicans. They point out that before, businesspeople were satisfied, but now they are scolded.

Felipe Calderón's airport calculations
Felipe Calderón, the former President, took part in the debate about the construction of Mexico's New International Airport. Through his Twitter account, Calderón Hinojosa questioned the distance of Santa Lucía, where the new airport could be built. The PAN member opened an app and searched for the route between his home in Las Águilas and to Santa Lucía, and it indicated it as two hours away. The former President reflected: if that how long it takes to get there during the weekend, how long would it take to get there on a working day and with traffic? An argument for the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, so he thinks twice before building his project.

Scolded PRD members
The ones scolded and asked to leave the room were Ángel Ávila, the PRD's general secretary, and the former PRD secretary, Beatriz Mojica. Both were talking while the report of the party's Dialogue Commission was being read, next to the orator, Arcadio Sabido Méndez. From the PRD's National Council table, they were asked to move and continue talking, making the situation obvious for everyone else. As if the PRD's 16th Extraordinary Plenary Session needed more disorder, as it was already full of protests and agitation.

Virtual election at the PAN?
We're told that the Federal Deputy, Ernesto Ruffo, a supporter of Manuel Gomez Morín. A contender to the PAN's presidency has had several meetings with authorities and counselors from the INE, to see if there is any possibility of the party's election is carried out through electronic polls. We're told that what he's looking for, deep inside, is that other candidates don't control the voters. Is this strategy enough to tip the balance in favor of Gómez Morín? Marko Cortés, the other contender, has already said that “he won't respond to provocations.”


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