14 | NOV | 2019

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A bad reputation
Felipe Ávila Espinosa - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

A bad reputation

Mexico City
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Felipe Ávila Espinosa - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

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A bad reputation

The community from the UNAM's Historical Research Institute think it's weird how no one in the government is questioning why Felipe Ávila Espinosa, the new director of the National Historical Studies of the Mexican Revolutions Institute (INEHRM), suddenly left his position at the UNAM and the SEP when he was being a researcher and an official at the SEP. We've been told that by law, Ávila shouldn't occupy two positions at the same time because he was a full-time researcher at the UNAM but he did it anyway, until then-director, María Alicia Mayer, found out in 2013. Now that honesty is so valuable, will the federal government hire someone known for cheating the system? This is another task for Culture Minister Alejandra Frausto.

Ignoring Calderón

We've been told that while the PAN president, Marko Cortés called all PAN members to come together, they forgot to mention former President Felipe Calderón during the ceremony to celebrate the party's 80th anniversary. We've been told that some PAN members said that it would be good to meet with Calderón, just like they did with Vicente Fox, nevertheless, others think the party should take stronger and more aggressive actions against the federal government instead of looking got help outside the party.

The 2019 Global Corruption Barometer

We've been told that President López Obrador's administration is interested and expecting the results of the 2019 Global Corruption Barometer, a study carried out by the International Transparency Organization, which will be issued on Monday. We've been told that the government is quite interested because this is the first evaluation of the new administration, 10 months after it took over, especially because its banner is the fight against corruption.

Politicians return to diplomacy

Some members of the Mexican foreign service are shocked that once again, politicians will occupy diplomatic positions. Some examples are Juan Sabines, Efrén Leyva, and Tarcisio Navarrete. There are rumors at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, claiming that PRI member Carlos Jiménez Macías could return to the diplomatic world. Nepotism or the collateral damages generated by austerity?


UK-Mexico alliance to tackle corruption and impunity

The UK embassy in Mexico launched the Anti-Corruption and Rule of Law Prosperity Fund to reduce poverty and increase prosperity and security in our country
UK-Mexico alliance to tackle corruption and impunityUK-Mexico alliance to tackle corruption and impunity


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